Officials Development Committee

Officials Development Committee


The officials development committee is responsible for furthering officials development in accordance with the stratefic and long term plans of SSC, and for consulting with the general membership on whom its action may impact.

The goals of the committee are to :

  1. Ensure the availability and delivery of qualified officials through education and accreditation.
  2. Appoint and designate qualified officials at national and international events.
  3. Ensure the technical regulations are consistent with ISU and appropriate to national development of sport in accordance with LTPAD model.
  4. Establish, monitor and evaluate the minimum qualifications required of officials for sanctionned competitions.


Roger Cole (Atlantic) - Chairperson
Michael Makowsky (West) - Member
Rick Hunt (Central) - Member (LT Referee)
Michel Dumont (Québec) - Member (ST Referee)
Stuart Gibbs (Far West) - Member
Sharon Zorman (West) - Competition Steward
Martin Sanio – SSC Liaison