Level 3 Technical

NCCP Level 3 Technical Course for Speed Skating

The Level 3 Technical course is a 30 hour course aimed at teaching fundamental principles applicable to coaching high performance athletes. The objectives of Level 3 are to develop a high level of technical expertise necessary to coach advanced skills. Topics are:
  • Analysis of Skating Skills
  • Physical Preparation of Skaters
  • Principles of movement
  • Seasonal and yearly plans
  • Correction of errors in skating
  • National team programs
  • Correction of errors (imitations and training aids)
  • Sample of existing training programs
  • Common errors in long and short track skating
  • Equipment for training
  • Mental Preparation and Goal Setting
  • Care and Prevention of Injuries
  • Emotion control and competitive anxiety
  • Types and causes of injuries
  • Strategies for mental training
  • Emergency situation and care
  • Collaborative goal setting
  • Prevention and treatment of injuries
  • Competitions
  • Special consideration for adolescent skaters
  • Draw, protest and doping control
  • Development of advanced strategies and tactics
  • Rules
  • Managing a team