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About the World Cups Long Track

The Speed Skating World Cup is a series of international speed skating competitions, organised yearly by the ISU since the winter of 1985-86. Skaters earn points at each competition and the skater who has the most points on a given distance at the end of the series is crowned the World Cup champion on that distance.

The number of competitions per season per distance varies, but it is usually between seven and ten. Ten World Cup titles are awarded every season, five for men (500 metres, 1,000 metres, 1,500 metres, combined 5,000 metres and 10,000 metres, and team pursuit), and five for women (500 metres, 1,000 metres, 1,500 metres, combined 3,000 metres and 5,000 metres, and team pursuit).

2013-14 World Cup schedule

Nov. 8-10: World Cup #1, Calgary
Nov. 15-17: World Cup #2, Salt Lake City, Utah
Nov. 29- Dec. 1: World Cup #3, Astana, Kazkhstan
Dec. 7-8: World Cup #4, Berlin, Germany
March 7-9: World Cup #5, Inzell, Germany
March 14-16: World Cup Final, Heerenveen, Netherlands

Past Results

For all past results, please visit the ISU results website.

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