World Cups – Short Track

About Short Track World Cups

The ISU holds six short track World Cups each year. In Olympic seasons, there are only four. Two competitions are held on three continents: Asia, North America and Europe. These competitions are important because they determine a skaters ranking for the season and also because, along with the world championships, they are the primary skating events open to all countries.

The skaters will race 500 metres, 1,000 metres, 1,500 metres, and will race one distance twice (World Cup 1 - two 500 metres; World Cup 2 - two 1,000 metres; World Cup 3 - two 1,500 metres, etc.) so each distance is raced eight times. Each World Cup event also features a 3,000-metre relay for the women and 5,000-metre relay for the men.

Skaters can earn points at each event and the skater who has the most points on a given distance at the end of the series is the winner.

2013-14 World Cup Schedule

Sept. 26-29: World Cup #1, Shanghai, China
Oct. 3-6: World Cup #2, Seoul, South Korea
Nov. 7-10: World Cup #3, Torino, Italy (Olympic qualification)
Nov. 14-17: World Cup #4, Moscow (Olympic qualification)

Past Results

For past results, please visit the ISU short track results website.

For 2013-14 announcements, team notes and results, click here

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