Branding Policies

Speed Skating Canada Brand

SSC values its brand and has developed its logo to represent the organization’s core values and philosophies. SCC’s brand has evolved into a much sought-after property for sponsors and partners who wish to strengthen their own marketing programs and differentiate themselves from competitors through an affiliation with SSC. The usage of the SSC logo by external partners enables others to form their own unique alliance with SSC and its athletes across Canada and in international markets where Canadian speed skaters compete and represent Canada.

The Logo Guidelines Manual details procedures for sponsors and partners to follow when using the SSC logo. Its principal purpose is as a reference tool, demonstrating the requirements for graphic reproduction. The guidelines in this manual also ensure the integrity of all Canadian speed skaters and the organization as a whole. These guidelines protect the usage of this intellectual property thereby allowing the property to become more recognized and valued.

Click here for the official branding policies of Speed Skating Canada

If you have any question or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact Speed Skating Canada at


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