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3 hours 26 min ago
If you want to see best skaters in the world come by the @theolympicoval for World Championships this wknd! #ovaldriven @SSC_PVC
3 hours 26 min ago
Hi @SSC_PVC what a read by @nenshi! https://t.co/9MXTBshiAB @OSSA @IvanieB @TedJan just in time 4 All Rounds Mar7/8 @SpeedSk8NS @JessGregg
3 hours 26 min ago
Listen tonight on @TalkwithJock on @QR77Radio for @cdnhappygilmore, live from #Brier2015. 7 p.m.
7 hours 5 min ago


Retweeted Scott Russell (@SportsWkndScott):

http://t.co/JJT6R0ibSQ Field of Play "Ice Kings" World All-Rounds @theolympicoval @cbcsports @SSC_PVC @JohannKoss http://t.co/u32jhC72jH

Scott Russell (@SportsWkndScott) posted a photo on Twitter
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3 hours 26 min ago