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1 hour 37 min ago
RT @cdnhappygilmore: Had an amazing time with @lisabowes and @CardelHomesYYC & @yyCBEdu's Kidcasters this morning. Along w/ g8 questions… https://t.co/dyhVqXw7EF
1 hour 44 min ago
6 hours 58 min ago
Avant leur départ pour #wcshorttrack #calgary2016, ne manquez pas @Speedskater01 & Charle Cournoyer ce mercredi matin à 8h20 @salutbonjour!
13 hours 20 min ago


On Nov. 2, come and meet the Team @COREshopping, incl. @Speedskater01 & @mastgelais > https://t.co/rAElxlWXI5 #yyc @cityofcalgary https://t.co/PdWyGDIXNn
1 hour 36 min ago