Child Fitness Tax Credit

After several unexpected delays to validate the tool to produce the receipts for the Federal Government’s Children’s Fitness Tax Credit we are pleased to inform you that the tool is now active for use within the Data Management System.

For the 2011 tax year it is necessary for you to produce the receipts on an individual basis; there is no tool in place for the mass issuing of receipts. While this is a feature that we may consider in the future it is necessary for us to experience at least one tax year with this system working on an individual basis before embarking on further development.

At this time we would like to remind all clubs that while Speed Skating is providing the tool for issuing the Children’s Fitness Tax Credit receipts it is the club who is responsible for the accuracy of information contained on each receipt. Your club is in no way required to use this system to issue the tax receipts if it does not wish to do so. The system is designed to validate eligibility based on the birth date of members and their total membership fees paid at the club level in an eligible membership category. In the event of an error in generating a receipt it is possible for you to void the receipt.

For receipt amendments contact Mariamanda Espinoza by phone at the Speed Skating Canada national office. Similarly, once a receipted has been voided it is possible for you to issue a new receipt, however all voided receipts are indicated on the form.

For more information about the Child Fitness Tax Credit please consult the Canadian Revenue Agency’s website

Should you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact with Speed Skating Canada at (613) 260-3669 or