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1. Olympic Selections December 28th 2013 to Janurary 3rd, 2014

Olympic Selection Policy [PDF]

2. Athletes nominated to the Sochi 2014 Canadian Olympic Team (Long Track)

Athletes Nominated to the Canadian Olympic Team for Sochi 2014HometownBirthdateOlympic HistoryCoachesDistances
Ivanie BlondinLa Baie, Que.April-2-90-Mark Wild, Xiuli Wang3000m
Anastasia BucsisCalgary, ABApril-30-892010: 34th 500mTodd McClements500m
Kali ChristRegina, SKNov-09-91-Todd McClements1000m
1500m, TP
Vincent de HaitreCumberland, ONJune-16-94-Todd McClements1000m,1500m
William DuttonHumboldt, SKNov-28-89-Peter Mueller500m,1000m
Marsha HudeyWhite City, SKNov-09-90 -Brad Hudey500m
Mathieu GirouxPointe-aux-Trembles, QCFeb-03-862010: G Pursuit; 14th 1500mMark Wild, Xiuli Wang1500m
Jamie GreggEdmonton, ABMar-18-852010: 8th 500mMichael Crowe, Bart Schouten500m
Kaylin IrvineCalgary, ABSep-03-1990-Xiuli Wang, Mark Wild1000m
Gilmore JunioCalgary, ABAug-06-90-Michael Crowe, Bart Schouten500m,1000m
Lucas MackowskyRegina, SKMay-30-872010: G Pursuit; 19th 1500m; 13th 5000mXiuli Wang, Mark Wild1500m,TP
Denny MorrisonFort St.John, B.C.Sep-08-852010: G Pursuit; 13th 1000m; 9th 1500m
2006: S Pusuit; 19th 1000m; 11th 1500m
Bart Schouten, Michael Crowe1500m,TP
Christne NesbittLondon, ONMay-17-85

2010: G 1000m; 10th 500m; 6th 1500m, 5th Pursuit
2006: S Pursuit; 14th 1000m; 7th 1500m

Mark Wild, Xiuli Wang500m,1000m
Muncef OuardiQuebec City, QCApril-17-86-Gregor Jelonek500m, 1000m
Brittany SchusslerWinnipeg, MBApr-21-852010: 25th 1000m; 35th 1500m; 5th PursuitXiuli Wang, Mark Wild1000m.1500m
Brianne TuttAirdrie, ABJune-09-92-Todd McClements1500m
Danielle Wotherspoon-GreggRed Deer, ABApril-13-80-Michael Crowe, Bart Schouten500m


Coaches in SochiHometownBirthdateTraining Centre
Michael CroweButte, Mont.Nov-11-53 The Olympic Oval, Calgary
Gregor Jelonek Montreal, QC Sep-16-68 Gaetan Boucher National Centre, Quebec City
Todd McClements Saskatoon, SK Dec-19-73 The Olympic Oval, Calgary
Bart Schouten  Harrlem, Netherlands  Sep-12-67 The Olympic Oval, Calgary
Xiuli Wang Harbin, China Oct-20-65 The Olympic Oval, Calgary
Mark Wild Milton, ONNov-19-74  The Olympic Oval, Calgary


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3. Long Track at the 2014 Olympic Games

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