AGM Hosting Information

AGM Hosting Information

This section contains all the needed information if you want to bid to host an AGM. Please do not hesitate to contact SSC if you have any question.


The objective of the bid process is to award the AGM to the Branch or Branches that put together the best value bid that has the maximum impact on the sport of speed skating.


  • Branches can collaborate to organize the AGM.
  • Branches can solicit support from other Branches.
  • A successful Branch (or Branches) cannot be involved in the next bid.
  • Calgary and Montreal are excluded from the bid process.
  • If no bid is submitted, the AGM will be held in Ottawa.
  • Bids received after the deadline will be returned to the Branch and will not be considered in the evaluation process.
  • Information has to be as detailed as possible and be supported by written documentation.
  • Bid documents need to contain enough information for the office to make a detailed budget.


At the AGM in Calgary, a bid package will be given to each Branch. This will include minimum requirements for the facilities, timeframe, approximate number of delegates and
staff, logistical details, required documentation and evaluation criteria.

The Board will evaluate the bids at their winter meeting. If needed, additional clarification will be requested from the different candidates. The Board makes a final decision prior to their spring meeting and will inform the successful candidate immediately. The decision will be formally announced at the AGM the year prior to the event.

Bid Application Form

If you would to bid, please fill out the Bid Application Form and send it to:

Ian Moss 

Fax: 613-260-3660

Deadline to submit a bid is January 1 following the AGM or 17 months in advance.