Each year, members of the Canadian speed skating community are invited to submit nominations of deserving individuals for Speed Skating Canada’s awards program. The nominations process is designed to attract a diverse and broad range of eligible nominees, and to be simple enough that anyone can submit a name for consideration.

First established in 1965, the Speed Skating Canada Hall of Fame honours and recognizes athletes and volunteers who have made extraordinary contributions to speed skating in Canada and to ensure that these contributions will be remembered for generations to come. Over 100 individuals have been enshrined in the Hall of Fame as Athletes, Teams or Builders.

Our athlete awards recognize the incredible accomplishments of Canadian speed skaters, who demonstrate an unmatched passion for our sport and work hard both on and off the ice to achieve their goals and inspire those around them.

Our coaches awards recognize the tremendous impact of speed skating coaches, who dedicate countless hours of their time to help athletes reach their potential and develop valuable lifelong skills, both on and off the ice.

Our officials awards recognize the contributions and efforts made by speed skating officials, who volunteer their time both on and off the ice to ensure a safe and fair competition environment for all participants.

Our community awards recognize the invaluable contributions of speed skating’s unsung heroes – volunteers, families, partners and clubs – who work tirelessly to help our sport grow and thrive in communities across the country.