Skater of the Year - Long Track

This trophy, first awarded in 1968 by SSC, was presented annually to the male or female skater in long track having the most outstanding performance of the year. In 1985 the award was changed to include top male and female in long track and top male and female in short track. The high performance (long track) committee of SSC will determine the winners of this award with consideration of all performances throughout the current season including world championships, World Cups and national competitions.

This award is presented to SSC’s best skaters in the following categories:

  • Catriona Le May Doan Award for the female long track speed skater of the year
  • Jeremy Wotherspoon Award for the male long track speed skater of the year

Skaters of the Year - long track

2018Ivanie BlondinTed-Jan Bloemen
2017Ivanie BlondinVincent De Haître
2016Ivanie BlondinTed-Jan Bloemen
2015Ivanie BlondinDenny Morrison
Laurent Dubreuil
2014Brittany SchusslerDenny Morrison
2013Christine NesbittJamie Gregg
2012Christine NesbittDenny Morrison
2011Christine NesbittLucas Makowsky
2010Kristina GrovesDenny Morrison
2009Kristina GrovesDenny Morrison
2008Kristina Groves

Denny Morrison

Jeremy Wotherspoon

2007Cindy KlassenDenny Morrison
2006Cindy KlassenDenny Morrison
2005Cindy KlassenJeremy Wotherspoon
2004Clara HughesJeremy Wotherspoon
2003Cindy KlassenJeremy Wotherspoon
2002Catriona Le May DoanJeremy Wotherspoon

Cindy Klassen

Catriona Le May Doan

Mike Ireland

Jeremy Wotherspoon

2000Catriona Le May DoanJeremy Wotherspoon
1999Catriona Le May DoanJeremy Wotherspoon
1998Catriona Le May DoanJeremy Wotherspoon
1997Catriona Le May DoanNeal Marshall
1996Catriona Le May DoanNeal Marshall
1995Susan AuchNeal Marshall
1994Susan AuchKevin Scott
1993Susan AuchSean Ireland
1992Susan AuchGuy Thibault
1991Susan AuchSean Ireland
1990Susan AuchKevin Scott
1989Shelley RheadGuy Thibault
1988Shelley RheadJean Pichette
1987Natalie GrenierBenoît Lamarche
1986Nathalie LambertGuy Thibault
1985Anne GirardGaétan Boucher


Outstanding Athlete of the Year


Sylvie Daigle

Guy Daignault


Sylvie Daigle

Louis Grenier


Maryse Perrault

Guy Daignault

Gaétan Boucher

1981Benoît Baril
1980Gaétan Boucher
1979Gaétan Boucher
1978Sylvia Burka
1977Sylvia Burka
1976Sylvia Burka
1975Cathy Priestner
1974Sylvia Burka
1973Sylvia Burka
1972Sylvia Burka
1971Gerry Cassan
1970Sylvia Burka