Coaches Awards of Excellence

The Coaches Awards of Excellence are awarded to those who have made contributions to the sport of speed skating in the role of a coach. The award is not given based on the achievement of athletes, but on the demonstrated ability to assist in the development of athletes and the sport, including grassroots to high performance coaches. Any SSC volunteer who has demonstrated meaningful involvement with a club, regional, branch, or national association as a coach as evidenced by the outline in the nomination form.

Nomination form and outline (click here)


2018Tim Cooney (Lethbridge, AB)
2017Anne-Christine Cloutier (Amqui, QC)
2016Verna Kergan (Moose Jaw, SK)
Michael Murray (Dundas, ON)
David Simard (Saguenay, QC)
2015Ian Mellors (Canmore, AB)
Sarah Taylor (Cornwall, P.E.I.)
Miriam Verschoor (Berwick, N.B.)
2014Cameron Boyd (ON)
Val Gendron (NWT)
Elizabeth Migneron (QC)
2013Kelly Ball, Ont.
 Gregor Jelonek, Que.
 Mike Rivet, Que.
2012George Donatelli, B.C.
 Sabrina Lapointe, Que.
2011Phil Byrne, P.E.I.
 Bill Gendron, Man.
 Rachael Quinn, N.B.
2010Frédéric Blackburn, Que.
 David Gilday, N.W.T.
 Peter Steele, N.B.
2009Stan Barnett, N.B.
 Keith Gordon, B.C.
 Karen MacLaren, B.C.
2008Derrick Macleod, N.B.
 Paula McConvey, Ont.
 Bette Roberts, B.C.
2007John Maurice, Nunavut
 Jack Walters, Alta.
 Tom and Penny Elliott, Yukon
2006Annie Sarrat, Que.
 Blaine Hill, Alta.
 Ernie Overland, Ont.