Hall of Fame

The Speed Skating Canada Hall of Fame was established to honour and recognize athletes and volunteers who have made extraordinary contributions to speed skating in Canada and to ensure that these contributions will be remembered for generations to come.   



Nominations for induction into the Speed Skating Canada Hall of Fame may be submitted in two categories: Athletes and Builders.  


A speed skater or team of speed skaters (three or more athletes competing together in relays, pursuits or sprints) who has/have demonstrated exceptional long-term success and leadership qualities in speed skating. An athlete’s nomination for the Hall of Fame will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Olympic Games (medals, ranking, participation)
  • World Championships (medals, ranking, participation)
  • World Cups (medals, ranking, participation)
  • Records (world records, national records)
  • International Regional Championships (titles, medals)
  • National Championships (titles, medals)
  • Sport Awards (international, national)
  • Participation in SSC activities (athlete representative, board or committee member)  


A person who has demonstrated meaningful long-term involvement and who has made exceptional contributions to the development of speed skating in Canada, as an executive, administrator, coach, official or volunteer.  


Nominations of athletes may be made, at the earliest, two years after the athlete has retired from active competition.  

Nominations of teams may be made, at the earliest, two years after it competed for the last time in the same composition as a team. The induction of teams applies only to the team collectively and not to its members individually.  

An individual (athlete or builder) may only be inducted into the Hall of Fame once, unless they are also inducted as a member of a team. A maximum of one (1) athlete and one (1) builder will be selected for induction into the Hall of Fame in a given year.