Active for Life

Active for Life (Athletes and participants 12+)

Active for Life is both a stage and an outcome of developmentally appropriate programming based on Canadian Sport for Life and SSC’s LTPAD model. It includes everyone including skaters, coaches, officials, administrators and volunteers. The Active for Life stage is the final destination of all Canadians. In this stage, athletes and participants enjoy lifelong participation in a variety of competitive and recreation opportunities in sport and physical activity and give back by contributing to the ongoing growth and development of speed skating.

In this stage, no one is pursuing Olympic or open World Championship glory. Some athletes are Competitive for Life and are still involved in very high-performance Masters competitions that are not leading to the Olympics or World Cups while others are pursuing sport and physical activity for fitness and health, all for personal satisfaction. There are numerous opportunities for recreational speed skating in clubs across Canada and an ever increasing number of competitive opportunities for adult skaters in both the form of marathon competitions and more formal competitions and events.

Active for Life, along with physical literacy and sport excellence, is one of three key outcomes within Canadian Sport for Life in which Canadians remain active in sport and physical activity for life by developing physical literacy.

Under ideal circumstances, athletes and participants enter the Active for Life stage of LTAD at one of two times:

  1. After they have developed physical literacy by the end of the Learn to Train stage and chosen to pursue sport and physical activity according to the goals of the Active for Life stage.
  2. After they have exited the LTAD high-performance training and competition stream (Training to Train, Learning/Training to Compete, and Learning/Training to Win stages).

Presently in Canada, many, if not most, participants in the Active for Life stage are not physically literate, due to the fact that the Canadian sport system has not consistently develop physical literacy for all participants. A primary goal of the Canadian Sport for Life (CS4L) movement and Speed Skating Canada is to improve this situation by addressing developmentally appropriately programming in all stages of development so that participants have a positive experience in sport and appropriately physically literate to be Active for Life.

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The contents of this page were prepared using information from SSC's Racing on Skates and Find Your Edge document as well as resources from Canadian Sport for Life. To learn more about the Active for Life stage of development visit