System Alignment & Integration

System Alignment and Integration

Based on Canadian Sport for Life principles, Speed Skating Canada continues to promote and seek system alignment and integration between its member clubs and provincial/territorial sport ogarnization, as well as playing a leadership role in the Canadian Sport System in developing multisport collaborations and partnerships. The Canadian Sport for Life movement is seeking to address the overarching system and structure of sport and physical activity in Canada, including the relationship between school sport, physical education and high performance sport at all levels from policy to program delivery.

Optimizing athlete development and the delivery of developmentally appropriate programming calls for system alignment and integration by bringing together athletes, coaches, clubs, school sports, recreation, provincial and national organizations to build a better sport system in Canada.

Skater development is the core business of Speed Skating Canada, its provincial/territorial associations and clubs. Consequently, it is in the best interests of these groups to collaborate, align and integrate in delivering optimal athlete development programs.

Specific Speed Skating Canada initiatives to promote system integreation and alignement:

  • On-going development of an integrated strategic plan for speed skating in Canada
  • Review of SSC membership fees and structure
  • Review of SSC's governance structure
  • Continued transition to new NCCP model (see Coaches)
  • Development of Regional Training Centres program
  • Regional development support through SSC's team of Regional Development Mentors.

National initiatives that Speed Skating Canada is involved in include:

  • The Club Excellence Cooperative (Club Excellence)
  • National Sport Organisation Representative to the True Sport Strategy Steering Committee
  • Regular contributor to Coaching Association of Canada Policy Advisory Groups
  • Regular contributor to the Canadian Sport for Life Conference
  • Pilot organisation for the Own The Podium/Coaching Association of Canada ACE Program

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The contents of this page were prepared using information from SSC's Racing on Skates and Find Your Edge document as well as resources from Canadian Sport for Life. To learn more about the Active Start stage of development and Physical Literacy visit and