Board of Directors

The Speed Skating Canada Board of Directors is comprised of volunteers who graciously devote their time and energy to the betterment of the sport. Members of the Board come from all walks of life and from all corners of the country. They are elected by our membership, at the Annual General Meeting, to provide leadership and direction in the pursuit of our organization’s vision, mission and strategic objectives. The Board is accountable to the membership for competent stewardship that will ensure the long-term viability of the organization.

Board Members

  • President - Blair R. Carbert
  • Treasurer - André Beaulieu
  • Director - Jean Pichette
  • Director - Geri McCuish
  • Director - Dave McQuaid
  • Director - Danielle Daigle
  • Director - Lyn Radford
  • Athlete Director - Mathieu Bernier

Call for Nominations

The Speed Skating Canada (SSC) 2020 Nominations Committee invites members to submit nominations for positions on the SSC Board of Directors. Elected members will have the opportunity to positively impact the Canadian speed skating community and the future of our sport across the country.

The following positions are available.

  • President (Term: 2 years)
  • Director (Term: 2 years)

To submit a nominee for consideration, members must complete the nomination form and submit it along with a summary (maximum two pages) of the candidate’s achievements and qualifications. For more information on the nomination process, please contact Katherine Strong (

The deadline for submitting nominations is June 5, 2020.

Terms of Office

Directors run for office at the SSC Annual General Meeting.  The President is elected for a four year term but all other Directors are elected for two year terms based upon the Winter Olympic quadrennial – the process is outlined in Bylaw 30 (as follows):

  • Year 1: Election of President, Vice-President, Director at Large #1, Director at Large #2 
  • Year 2: Election of Treasurer, Director at Large #3 and Director at Large #4 
  • Year 3: Election of Vice-President, Director at Large #1 and Director at Large #2 
  • Year 4: Election of Treasurer, Director at Large #3 and Director at Large #4 

The Athlete Director position on the Board shall be elected through a process determined by National Team athletes. The Board shall appoint the Athlete Director to the Board as soon after the AGM as practically possible.  The term is for one year.

POWERS (Bylaw 35) 

The Board shall exercise all the powers which are conferred upon it by law or By-Laws. The Board’s responsibilities shall include:

  • Fulfilling the duties and responsibilities given it at the Annual Meeting;
  • In addition to the powers conferred upon the Board of Directors by law or By-Laws, the Board shall, in the absence of specific directives from the Members, determine the Procedures, Regulations and Rules, including the policies incorporated therein, and the direction of the Corporation;
  • Hiring and evaluating the performance of the Chief Executive Officer of the Corporation
  • Establishing and regulating committees that report to the Board, and approving the establishment of Technical Committees and Councils on the recommendation of the Chief Executive officer, and approving Terms of Reference for those Committees and Councils;
  • Ensuring payment of loans or other Corporation debts, and this may from time to time, include borrowing funds and pledging any assets allowed by law for these purposes
  • Delegating, as deemed necessary, any or all powers, duties, and authority of the Board that may be lawfully delegated to any committee, Officer or other person.


The Officers of the Corporation shall be the President, Vice-President, the Treasurer, the Chief Executive Officer and such other Officers as the Board may determine from time to time.

  • The President shall preside at all Meetings of the Corporation and of the Board. The President shall act as the chair and the spokesperson for the Board and the Corporation. The President shall carry out the decisions of the Annual Meeting and exercise general supervision and management of the affairs of the Corporation. The President shall, when present, preside at all Meetings of the Directors; or he or she may appoint a Chair to preside at such Meetings.
  • The Vice-President is responsible for filling the role of President in the absence of the President. Should the position of President become vacant, the Vice-President will assume the full responsibilities as President until the next Annual Meeting when a new President can be elected. The Vice-President will assist the President in carrying out his or her duties as required, and will serve as the Chair of Board meetings or Meetings of Members in the absence of the President.
  • The Treasurer shall have general charge of the finances of the Corporation. The Treasurer shall be responsible for the deposit of all money and other valuable effects of the Corporation in the name and to the credit of the Corporation in such banks or other depositories as designated by the Board, and shall render to the Board, whenever directed by the Board, a report of the financial condition of the Corporation and all transactions as Treasurer; and as soon as possible after the close of each financial year, the Treasurer shall make and submit to the Board a financial report for such financial year. The Treasurer shall have charge and custody of and be responsible for the keeping of the books of account required to be kept pursuant to the laws governing the Corporation.
  • The Chief Executive Officer, though not a member of the Board, shall attend to the giving and service of all notices of the Corporation and shall keep in safe custody the Corporate Seal of the Corporation.
  • The Chief Executive Officer shall have charge of the corporate records of the Corporation including a register containing the names and addresses of Members of the Corporation and the Members of the Board, together with copies of all reports made by the Corporation and such other records and papers as the Board may direct. Further, the Chief Executive Officer shall be responsible for the taking and reproducing of all Minutes for General Meetings and Board Meetings, and for maintaining a Minute Book, and further for the keeping and filing of all books, reports, certificates and other documents required by law to be kept on file by the Corporation.

For further detailed information, please review the SSC Bylaws.