Participant & Athlete Development Steering Committee


Dennis Duggan - Chairperson
Nancy Goplen – Member
Steve Harris - Member
Dave Morrison - SSC liaison

The role of the Participant and Athlete Development Advisory Steering Committee and the strategy for implementation of Speed Skating Canada's Long Term Participant and Athlete Development (LTPAD) Model is outlined below:

In this phase of implementation of LTPAD principles, there is a continuing and important need to review programs and provide recommendations to ensure that such programs are consistent with the underlying philosophy and principles of the Model. That being stated, with the adoption of the recommendations contained in Racing On Skates through incorporation in SSC's Procedures and Regulations at the 2010 AGM, the organisation has formally entrenched these aspects as part of the SSC culture. It is now the basis for conducting the business of speed skating.


Governance and Composition


The Participant and Athlete Development Advisory Steering Committee shall be comprised of multi-disciplinary committee members and expert technical volunteers, endorsed by the Board.


The mission of the Steering Committee is to foster, to promote, and to champion:

  • the objective of having decisions of SSC taken considering the Canadian Sport for Life document and SSC's Long Term Participant and Athlete Development Model as the framework for principled, values based decision making; and,
  • the stabilisation of LTPAD principles in order to support, as articulated in the preamble to SSC's Procedures and Regulations, the achievement of developmentally appropriate programming.


The mandate of the Steering Committee is to:

  • Work collaboratively with the SSC Board, management and staff in the development and monitoring of a comprehensive strategic plan which integrates all aspects of the LTPAD model;
  • Promote cooperation amongst national and branch organisations to achieve successful implementation through active consultation and coordination of activities which facilitate collaboration amongst stakeholders;
  • Establish priorities, within the context of the strategy and short and long term objectives;
  • Inform SSC membership of the latest in developmentally appropriate programming with respect to participants and athletes and monitor best practices in sport;
  • Act as the champion and strategic facilitator for long term participant and athlete development activities and policy development; it will provide advice and guidance to the Board, the Standing Committees and SSC staff.

The Steering Committee will carry out the mandate by, but not limited to, the following:

  • Consulting closely with SSC Standing Committees, branches and staff with respect to the development of the strategic plan. This will support the objective of Standing Committees and staff conducting their work and carrying out their responsibilities taking into account the principles of LTPAD in accordance with the plan that is developed;
  • Reviewing and providing recommendations for the development of educational resources to address specific developmental gaps;
  • Reviewing current national, and branch organizational capacity, structures, systems, regulations, and competition formats and providing support to branches in the conduct of their own reviews;
  • Reviewing program proposals and work plans to ensure consistency with LTPAD principles;
  • Promoting the development of proposals and ideas designed to ensure that the necessary human and financial resources may be applied to the implementation of the model (capacity building);
  • Promoting and developing proposals designed to evaluate and assess the effectiveness of the LTPAD based competition system to ensure that it respects the principles and recommendations contained in Racing on Skates and meets the stated objective of achieving developmentally appropriate programming;
  • Maintaining and updating of a best practices database that allows for the sharing of experiences in order that others may benefit;
  • Preparing discussion papers and providing recommendations with regards to SSC participation in activities and events which directly impact athlete development including major games; for example, SSC participation in Youth Olympic Games; commenting on future direction of Canada Winter Games; and, the development of other multi-sport initiatives.