The day-to-day operations of Speed Skating Canada are managed by the Chief Executive Officer and Chief Sport Officer, who lead over a dozen professional staff members towards achievement of the organization’s operational and strategic priorities. The staff work together on various programs, events and initiatives, all while providing support to our members, as well as our national team athletes, coaches and support team. 





House of Sport, RA Centre

2451 Riverside Drive 
Ottawa, ON  K1H 7X7  

Phone: 613-260-3669



University of Calgary, Olympic Oval

2500 University Drive N.W.
Calgary, AB  T2N 1N4

Phone: 403-210-8914
Fax: 403-284-4815

Maurice-Richard Arena

2800 Viau Street,
Montreal, QC  H1V 3J3

Phone: 514-255-2254
Fax: 514-255-9338

National Office

  • Susan Auch: Chief Executive Officer
  • Terry Lockhart: Director, Finance and Corporate Services
  • Nicole Espenant: Director, Marketing and Engagement
  • David Morrison: Manager, Sport Development
  • Katherine Strong: Senior Coordinator, Leadership and Operations
  • Alain Brouillette: Senior Coordinator, Marketing and Communications
  • Alicia Krywiak: Senior Coordinator, Membership and Alignment
  • Jill Lynch: Coordinator, Events
  • Jessica Price: Coordinator, Sport Development
  • Alexandra Proulx: Coordinator, Safe Sport and Education
  • Amra Kubat: Coordinator, Marketing and Engagement
  • Paula Vargas: Coordinator, Finance and Corporate Services

Long Track (Calgary)

  • Cathy Tong: Director, High Performance - Long Track (Interim)
  • Tyler Mulcock: Coordinator, High Performance - Long Track

Short Track (Montreal)

  • Marc Schryburt: Director, High Performance - Short Track (Interim)
  • Shana Jean: Coordinator, High Performance - Short Track