Coaches are primary drivers and delivers of programs at every level of the sport. Speed Skating Canada offers formal coach training and certification through the Coaching Association of Canada’s National Coach Certification Program (NCCP) as well as offering coach recognition and awards programs and producing tools and resources for coaches.

Speed Skating Canada’s primary roles and responsibilities in the area of coaching are:

  • Ensure athletes in every stage of development have access to appropriately certified coaches
  • Ensure coaches have access to appropriate training in a timely and cost effective manner in all regions of Canada
  • Ensure that coaches remain current
  • Provide system to recognize qualifications of coaches to coach athletes in each stage of development
  • Provide career path for aspiring National Team Coaches
  • Provide training and resources to allow coaches in every context to deliver world class programs
  • Recognize the success and celebrate the contribution of coaches

Speed Skating Canada Coaching Programs are run in collaboration with many partners including:

  • Provincial and Territorial Speed Skating Branches
  • Coaching Association of Canada and their provincial partners
  • Canadian Sport Centres & the National Coaching Institute Network

All Speed Skating Canada’s Coaching Programs strive to develop and recognize coaches who:

  • Deliver developmentally appropriate speed skating programs
  • Serve as a role model and conduct oneself in an ethical manner representing SSC’s Core Values and commitment to the principles of True Sport
  • Ensure a safe and welcoming environment for all participants
  • Implement appropriately designed and effective practices
  • Prepare skaters for competition, when appropriate

Speed Skating Canada’s Coaching Education programs have undergone a significant renewal process in recent years which is still being completed. This process has seen a competency based approach to certification to be implemented wherein coaches are certified specifically based on the demonstration of competency relative to the stage of development of skaters they are coaching. A recent study into to the status of the speed skating coach has identified a need for Speed Skating Canada to improve the access

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