Competition-Development Certified Coaches are qualified to assume the responsibilities of a Head Coach with skaters in the Training to Train, Learning to Compete and Training to Compete Stages of development. It is the minimum certification required to Coach at the Canada Winter Games and recommended certification for all coaches working with Regional or Provincial Teams attending SSC Championships and selection events.

Certification is based on the demonstration of specific skills and knowledge. The process is designed to be formative in nature and should only be initiated when a coach is confident that he or she will be successful.

  • Successfully complete the on-line Making Ethical Decisions Evaluation
  • Prepare an yearly training plan covering the physical, technical, tactical & mental preparation of athletes as well as recovery & regeneration strategies
  • Copies of Microcycle plans in the followings Phases: General Preparation, Specific Preparation, Pre-Competition & Competition
  • Task Analysis which addresses the Technical, Tactical, Physical, Social and Intellectual factors which influence performance
  • A copy of the Emergency Action Plan in place for your primary training venue
  • A one page article outlining your coaching philosophy and key to success
  • A technical analysis of a skater using a video recorded of a skater within your training group – the video can be taken in the training or competition setting.

Minimum age: 16 years old

Evidence for these criteria is gathered through three unique activities:

  1. Making Ethical Decisions On-line Evaluation (same evaluation as FUNdamentals Coach & Introduction to Competition)
  2. Coach Portfolio (submission of tasks above)
  3. Skype, Web conference or in person review of portfolio with an accredited evaluator

Please note certification for Competition-Development will require coaches to be evaluated in-training and in-competition, in person or by video, in addition to the preparation of Portfolio tasks.

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