Direct to Evaluation

Direct to Evaluation

Speed Skating Canada recognises that coaching skills can be acquired through various different forms of training outside of the formal NCCP pathway. All new NCCP programs provide the opportunity to proceed directly to evaluation, allowing a coach to complete certification requirements and demonstrate competency without necessarily attending all of the training identified in the coaching pathway.

For former national and international level athletes, individuals who have coached in other sports, individuals who have formal training in the areas of Kinesiology or Physical Education and those who have been active as coaches for an extensive period of time without completing certification the Direct to Evaluation option may be a good option for you. This option is available for certification in all contexts.

All applications to proceed directly to evaluation are managed by the Speed Skating Canada National Office and are subject to review and approval by the Director of Sport Development. Before applying to proceed directly to evaluation it is recommended that coaches review the evaluation requirements for certification and speak with either SSC’s Director of Sport Development or a Master Coach Developer about the best path to follow in terms of training and certification. There are many paths that can be followed to achieve certification and it is important that each individual choose the best path for him or her.

Coaches proceeding direct to evaluation are required to complete all of the same evaluation tasks as those who complete training.

Coaches wishing to pursue certification using the Direct to Evaluation option must:

  1. Complete the SSC NCCP Direct To Evaluation Form and submit it to
  2. Pay appropriate registration fees to Speed Skating Canada by PayPal or cheque.
  3. Submit a completed Portfolio and video of training session within 1 year of the Direct to Evaluation application being approved to – email submission must include appropriate information on how to access the video of the practice session.
  4. Provide proof of successful completion of the Making Ethical Decisions on-line evaluation in the appropriate context at time of submission of the portfolio.

Application Form

Once application is received, the candidate will be provided a copy of all reference materials and workbooks that a coach receives when participating in workshop training. These materials are available to the applicant in the form of PDF documents.


When proceeding, direct to evaluation coaches may only re-submit one (1) time if their Portfolio is incomplete before being required to re-apply.