Introduction to Competition

Introduction to Competition Certification

An Introduction to Competition Certified Coach is qualified to assume the responsibilities of a head coach with skaters in Learning to Train and Training to Train stages of development. It is also the minimum certification required to coach at SSC Championships and selection events, though coaches are encouraged to complete Competition-Development Certification.

Certification is based on the demonstration of specific skills and knowledge. The process is designed to be formative in nature and should only be initiated when a coach is confident that he or she will be successful.

  • Introduction to Competition Coaches are evaluated on their ability to complete the following activities within their daily practice environment:
  • Apply an ethical decision making process
  • Verify that the practice environment is safeImplement an appropriately structured and organized practice
  • Make interventions that promote learning
  • Accesses equipment needs and quality of the participants equipmentDetect and correct performance
  • Organize a series of activities into a plan that enhances the learning of one or more skills
  • Design an Emergency Action Plan
  • Report on athlete progress throughout program
  • Outline a seasonal program structure based on available training and competition opportunities
  • Identify program measures to promote athlete development
  • Develop practice plans that integrate seasonal training priorities

Minimum age: 16 years old

Evidence for these criteria is gathered through four unique activities:

  1. Making Ethical Decisions On-line Evaluation (same evaluation as FUNdamentals Coach)
  2. Coach Portfolio
  3. Observation of a practice by an accredited evaluator
  4. Debrief with an accredited evaluator

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