On Ice Evaluation

Guidelines for Video Evaluation Submissions

Video is an accepted means for the evaluation of on ice sessions in all contexts. It is the only accepted means of evaluation for coaches pursuing the Direct to evaluation option.

Coaches can complete the on-ice evaluation requirement for certification by video in the following contexts:

  • FUNdamentals Coach
  • Introduction to Competition

Recording Guidelines

The coach is the star of this video and as such the coach and his or her actions need to be the focus throughout the process.

  1. The image needs to be stable, it is recommended that it be filmed using a tripod.
  2. The video must be filmed by a 3rd party not involved in the delivery of the practice
  3. The video must be uninterrupted and clearly show the activity and interventions of the coach throughout the session and activities of the skaters where appropriate.
  4. The coach’s voice must be clearly heard throughout the recording
  5. The video should provide the evaluator views of the following:
    1. Layout of the entire ice surface for each activity taking place throughout the practice
    2. An opportunity to view all safety measures put in place


Submission of video

Video can be submitted to SSC by one of the following forms:

  • DVD
  • Uploaded to a on-line video tool, ie. http://www.coachesbc.ca/coachevaluationtool - must include a player which the evaluator can access free of charge and include the ability to play, pause and view in slow motion
  • Submission of a video file on USB Key, External Hard Drive or an on-line file transfer service

Video Resolution

Resolution must be a minimum of 480i

File Formats

If submitting video by way of an electronic file, the following video formats will be accepted: *.mpg; *.mp4; *.mov; *.avi