Speed Skating Canada is committed to making high quality resources available to coaches in every stage of development to assist them in delivering developmentally appropriate programming in a safe and welcoming environment. Resources are available in the form of SSC programs, sample forms and templates, informational videos, reference materials as well as links to other websites.

A few resources have been made available in this section related to program planning and skater safety, with the majority of the content found within the Skater Development section of the SSC website.

Within the skater development section of the website there is extensive information available on skater development broken down by stage of development and a specific section by stage designed specifically for coaches with stage specific resources.

Access Resources:

Coaching Athletes with a Disability

Sample Practice Plans, Yearly Training Plans, Games

Useful Documents/Forms, Concussion Awareness

Speed Skating Canada is committed to the holistic, developmentally appropriate development of skaters and helping each individual participant achieve his or her own level of excellence.

Speed Skating Canada does not offer any specific funding or granting programs for coach development at present time, however the Coaching Association of Canada (CAC) does offer several programs which coaches can apply on and most provincial and territorial governments of their partner organisations offer funding opportunities and grant to support the development of coaches.

Speed Skating Canada is committed to increasing its knowledge regarding speed skating and the effectiveness of coaches.