Introduction to Competition

NCCP Introduction to Competition Course for Speed Skating

The Introduction to Competition course combines specific speed skating skills and general coaching concepts as they apply to participants competing at a local or provincial level in a 32 hour course broken down into thirteen modules. Upon completion of Introduction to Competition, the coach will be prepared to provide developing competitors with the basic skills necessary for successful competition. This course is generally delivered over two weekends. The modules presented include:
  • Role of the Coach
  • Planning a Practice II
  • Teaching and Learning
  • Speed Skating Technique II
  • Analyze Performance II
  • Speed Skating Equipment II
  • Mental Preparation - Fitness
  • Nutrition
  • Design a Sports Program
  • Manage the Aspects of the Program
  • Support the Competitive
  • Assessment and Evaluation
Following the first weekend coaches will receive the status of In-Training, and upon successful completion of all modules coaches will receive the status of Trained for the Introduction context of the competition stream. In order to receive full certification, coaches are required to complete an evaluation which includes the submission of a portfolio and an on-site assessment. Upon a successful evaluation coaches will be certified as an Introduction to Competition speed skating coach by Speed Skating Canada and recognized as a Certified in the Introduction context of the Competition Stream by the Coaching Association of Canada (CAC)