Canadian Junior Short Track Championships

2015/01/09 to 2015/01/11
Event type: 
National Competition - Short Track
Province or Territory: 
CPV Trois-Rivières (Les Élans)

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About the Canadian Junior Short Track Championships

The Canadian junior short track championships brings together the best skaters from across Canada in the Train to Compete stage of development (ages 15 to 19) to crown a clear Canadian champion in each distance and age group.

The Canadian junior short track championships are also used as a selection competition to select athletes to represent Canada at the ISU world junior championships.


January 7, 2015: Trois-Rivières welcomes the country’s best junior short track speed skaters this weekend for Speed Skating Canada’s Canadian Junior Championships (read)


Friday, January 9 / Vendredi 9 janvier

Full results: 1500m >

2:10 pm: 1500m F/w (Qualification/Heats)
2:35 pm: 1500m H/M (Qualification/Heats)
3:16 pm: 1500m F/w (Demi-finales/Semi-finals)
3:37 pm: 1500m H/M (Demi-finales/Semi-finals)
4:16 pm: 1500m F/w (Finales/Finals)
4:34 pm: 1500m H/M (Finales/Finals)

Saturday, January 10 / Samedi 10 janvier

Full results: 500 m >

2:10 pm: 500m F/W (Qualification/Heats)
2:30 pm: 500m H/M (Qualification/Heats)
3:05 pm: 500m F/W (Quarts de finale/Quarterfinals)
3:25 pm: 500m H/M (Quarts de finale/Quarterfinals)
4:00 pm: 500m F/W (Demi-finales/Semi-finals)
4:20 pm: 500m H/M (Demi-finales/Semi-finals)
4:55 pm: 500m F/W (Finales/Finals)
5:15 pm: 500m H/M (Finales/Finals)

Sunday, January 11 / Dimanche 11 janvier
10:10 am: 1000m F/W (Qualification/Heats)
10:36 am: 1000m H/M (Qualification/Heats)
11:17 am: 1000m F/W (Quarts de finale/Quarterfinals)
11:58 am: 1000m H/M (Quarts de finale/Quarterfinals)
1:09 pm: 1000m F/W (Demi-finales/Semi-finals)
1:50 pm: 1000m H/M (Demi-finales/Semi-finals)
2:31 pm: 1000m F/W (Finales/Finals)
3:12 pm: 1000m H/M (Finales/Finals)
3:53 pm: Super 1500m F/W (Finales/Finals)
4:10 pm: Super 1500m H/M (Finales/Finals)


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