Guiding Principles for Competition & Events

In 2009, Speed Skating Canada's Competition Review Team determined that to review effectively the existing event/competition system and propose new opportunities, it was essential to have a clear vision of how events/competitions service the mission, vision and values of Speed Skating Canada as well as the LTP/AD. It is the Team’s conclusion that programs, (training, competitions and events, coaching, officiating and membership development), must be clearly and coherently linked through principles that are the basis of all SSC activity.

Speed Skating Canada defined the following Guiding Principles for Competitions and Events to apply to all levels and ages of participants keeping at the forefront the phrase “children are not miniature adults” when considering the implications of all principles.

  1. Reflect Speed Skating Canada's values and True Sport principles
  2. Be a full partner in the Canadian sport delivery/youth development system
  3. Adjust to change in society
  4. Provide a pathway towards personal and sporting excellence for all participants
  5. Be meaningful for all participants (skaters, coaches, officials, parents, volunteers)
  6. Be fun, safe, attractive and accessible to people of all ages, of all skill levels and from all different backgrounds
  7. Utilize the basic characteristics identified in the LTPAD and other literature to define the event/competition objectives for each stage of development
  8. Utilize the basic characteristics identified in the LTPAD and other literature in the selection of event/competition activities and skills for each stage of development..
  9. Define and celebrate success in relation to the goals and objectives of the stage of all participants

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