Event Sanctions

Sanctions are the primary mechanism through which competitions are recognized by SSC. When SSC issues a sanction and an organizer accepts a sanction, this represents a formal agreement between the competition/event organizer and SSC.

This agreement stipulates:

  1. That SSC’s Guiding Principles for Competitions and Events will be upheld
  2. The roles and responsibilities of SSC and of the Event Organizer
  3. Which SSC policies, procedures and regulations will be in force for the designate event.
  4. Which reports must be submitted to SSC as part of the formal review of the competition and or event

Applying for a Sanction:

All online sanction applications must be received by SSC at least twenty-eight (28) days prior to the start of the event.

Sanctions must be applied for through the SSC Head Office by way of an electronic application form available on SSC’s website. Only electronic submissions will be accepted.

Any questions can be directed to sanctions@speedskating.ca.

Speed Skating Canada offers the following types of sanctions:

  • SSC Championships - applies to all events where a Canadian Champion is named in one or more categories. Branches may also declare their provincial champions based on the results of these events
  • Ability - issued for events that use time or other measures of performance to group skaters for competition.
  • Age Class - competitions where skaters are grouped within their age categories to participate in events deemed developmentally appropriate for that stage of development.
  • Selection/International - issued for national and international level events which are used for selection or feature competition between ISU member countries.
  • Festival - designed to bring together participants with a common interest, skating. Festivals can include both traditional and non-tradition racing
  • Marathon - SSC may sanction open and/or closed championships in mass start marathon skating events, which are defined as skating events in excess of 10km.

Post-Competition Reporting

The following forms must be completed and electronically submitted to the National Office within thirty (30) days after the end of the competition.

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