Rules/Red Book

National (Speed Skating Canada)

Red Book (2018-2019)

Rule Changes:
Yellow Card/Red Card (Oct. 11, 2017)

International (ISU)


Short Track

> Partial list of the rule changes, and how they will be dealt with in upcoming Canadian competitions

Long Track

This memorandum was distributed Feb 13, 2013 to all Branch Presidents and Executive Directors, SSC Committees, SSC Certified Officials and Canadian speed skating clubs.

Modifications to Short Track Crash Protection Specifications and Guidelines and Implementation Timelines

Speed Skating is a potentially dangerous sport. All participants (skaters, coaches, referees, parents, etc.) should pay careful attention to all safety protocols in place at training and competition venues.

Following the recommendations set out in these guidelines is not a guarantee of safety. No safety guideline in a sport with such a diversity of conditions and locations can account for every possible eventuality and circumstance and should therefore not be used as a substitute for professional judgement informed by experience but should serve as an aid to those making decisions about safety.

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