ST - Fall World Cup Selections, Montreal (QC)

2016/09/23 to 2016/09/25
Event type: 
National Competition - Short Track
Province or Territory: 

Maurice-Richard Arena, Montréal (QC)

> Annoucement (September 2, 2016)

> Final Schedule

> List of pre-qualified skaters (September 16, 2016)

> Full results


September 25, 2016: Samuel Girard and Marianne St-Gelais each come up with two wins to conclude the 2016 Short Track Fall World Cup Selections (read)

September 24, 2016: Charle Cournoyer and Kim Boutin come up with wins at the 2016 Short Track Fall World Cup Selections (read)

September 23, 2016: Strong comeback from Kim Boutin on first day of competition at 2016 Short Track Fall World Cup Selections (read)

September 21, 2016: Short Track Speed Skaters aiming to compete at the first World Cups of the season, including the stage in Calgary, set to take part in the Fall World Cup Selections (read)


Friday, September 23 / Vendredi 23 septembre

16:501500m W/F: Qualification/Heat
17:021500m M/H: Qualification/Heat
17:291500m W/F: Finale/Final
17:411500m M/H: Finale/Final
18:23500m W/F: Qualification/Heat
18:33500m M/H: Qualification/Heat
18:58500m W/F: 1/2
19:08500m M/H: 1/2
19:33500m W/F: Finale/Final
19:43500m M/H: Finale/Final

Saturday, September 24 / Samedi 24 septembre

13:501000m W/F: Qualification/Heat
14:031000m M/H: Qualification/Heat
14:311000m W/F: 1/2
14:441000m M/H: 1/2
15:121000m W/F: Finale/Final
15:251000m M/H: Finale/Final
16:081500m (2) W/F: Qualification/Heat
16:201500m (2) M/H: Qualification/Heat
16:471500m (2) W/F: Finale/Final
16:591500m (2) M/H: Finale/Final

Sunday, September 25 / Dimanche 25 septembre

10:50500m (2) W/F: Qualification/Heat
11:00500m (2) M/H: Qualification/Heat
11:25500m (2) M/H: 1/2
11:35500m (2) M/H: 1/2
12:00500m (2) W/F: Finale/Final
12:10500m (2) M/H: Finale/Final
13:051000m (2) W/F: Qualification/Heat
13:181000m (2) M/H: Qualification/Heat
13:461000m (2) W/F: 1/2
13:591000m (2) M/H: 1/2
14:271000m (2) W/F: Finale/Final
14:401000m (2) M/H: Finale/Final
15:08Relay/Relais W/F
15:16Relay/Relais M/H

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