World Cup #5 - LT

2019/02/01 to 2019/02/03
Event type: 
International Competition

Live Streaming and Radio-Canada will be live streaming the event on Friday (9:00AM EST), Saturday (10:30AM EST) and Sunday (10:00AM EST).


All official start lists, schedules and results will be posted on the ISU Results Portal.


  • Men's 500m - Ted-Jan Bloemen; Bronze


The following is an unofficial schedule of races. Times are subject to change, so please refer to the ISU website  for official start times.

Friday, February 1

  • Division B: 3000m ladies
  • Division B: 5000m men
  • Division A: 3000m ladies
  • Division A: 5000m men

Saturday, February 2

  • Division B: 500m ladies 1st
  • Division B: 500m men 1st
  • Division B: 1000m ladies
  • Division B: 1000m men 
  • Division A: 500m ladies 1st
  • Division A: 500m men 1st
  • Division A: 1000m ladies
  • Division A: 1000m men

Sunday, February 3

  • Division B: 500m ladies 2nd
  • Division B: 1500m men
  • Division B: 1500m ladies
  • Division B: 500 m men 2nd
  • Division A: 500m ladies 2nd
  • Division A 1500m men
  • Division A 1500m ladies
  • Division A 500m men 2nd



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