Youth Challenge

2021/01/18 to 2021/03/28
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The 2021 SSC Canadian Youth Challenge is a set of National skating events for club skaters to complete locally with the active support of club coaches and teammates.

  • Long Track Youth Challenge (January 18 - February 21)
  • Short Track Youth Challenge (February 22 - March 28)

Skater Categories

  • Open to all abilities; male and female skaters; ages 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 and 15

Team Categories

  • Youth1 ages 10-11-12 yrs (100m track)
  • Youth2 ages 13-14-15 yrs (111m track)
  • Mixed gender teams are permitted


  • LT Individual Events: 100m, 300m, 500m
  • LT Team Events: Team Sprint (3 laps), Team Pursuit (3 laps and 5 laps)
  • ST Individual Events: 1 lap flyer, 2 lap pursuit, 400m (youth1), 500m (youth2)
  • ST Team Events: 2-person relay (10'), Team Sprint (4 laps)




  • Results shall be submitted using the Youth Challenge Reporting Form. There is a seperate tab for LT and ST results.
  • Individual and Team results will be ranked by age/gender category.
  • Club participation will also be ranked based on percentage of club registration.


  • Individual Prizing: Random prize draws for participation (1 entry per skater) and for each individual age/gender category. An additional entry is earned with each individual or team event completed.
  • Club Prizing: Prizes for clubs with highest percentage of entries based on their current membership numbers.

Health and Safety

  • We recognize that the implementation of the Youth Challenge may look different in communities across the country due to local and provincial restrictions associated with the COVID-19 pandemic. We encourage our athletes and clubs to participate as much as possible while remaining safe and respecting the guidance of health authorities.  


  • Please send any questions related to the Youth Challenge to Jessica Price.
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