A World Cup season to remember of Goulet-Nadon

There`s no shortage of Canadian short track speed skating stars in international competition and Amélie Goulet-Nadon of Laval, Que., is currently in overdrive to join that list.

The 20-year-old Goulet-Nadon won the gold medal in the women’s 1,000-metres Sunday to highlight a great season for Canada on the short track speed skating World Cup circuit which concluded here. Goulet-Nadon, only in her second full season with the national team, also claimed her third individual distance World Cup crown for the season and she also finished second in the overall standings, a single point behind the winner.

In the women’s 1,000, Goulet-Nadon clocked 1:43.403 for her third World Cup win this season. Meng Wang of China was second in 1:43.437, Xiaoying Liu of China was third in 1:43.543 and Alanna Kraus of Abbotsford, B.C., fourth in 1:43.588.

In the World Cup 1,000 standings, Goulet-Nadon was first with 191points and Kraus second at 184.

``I felt exhausted heading into the final (in the 1,000),`` said Goulet-Nadon, who also clinched the World Cup titles in the 500 and 1,500 metres this weekend. ``I just tried to keep pace with the Chinese skaters and save my energy as much as I could.``

In the 3,000 final, Tianyu Fu of China won a slow race in 6:01.016 which allowed her to walk away with the season’s overall title. Goulet-Nadon, lost an edge and struggled, for fifth spot and Kraus was disqualified. In the overall World Cup standings, Fu garnered 194 points for the season to Goulet-Nadon`s 193. Kraus was sixth.

``I’m at the point where I thought I would be two or three years from now,`` said Goulet-Nadon. ``But I came into the season in great physical condition and I had an opportunity to train with the men which really improved my acceleration on the turns.``

The Canadian women won their first relay this season with Goulet-Nadon, Kraus, Amanda Overland of Cambridge, Ont., and Tania Vicent of Montreal in 4:24.505. China was second in 4:25.677 and Germany third.

On the men’s side, it was another great day for Jonathan Guilmette of Montreal. He won his second gold and third medal this weekend in the 3,000 metres in 5:04.655. Jiajun Lee of China was second and Seung-Jae Lee of South Korea third.

`This was a career weekend for me on the World Cup,`` said Guilmette, who also won the 500 Saturday and was third in the 1,500 Friday. Ìt`s the confidence boost I needed.``

In the 1,000, Li was the victor while Lee was second and American star Apolo Anton Ohno was third. Jean-François Monette of Pointe-aux-Trembles, Que., was fourth and Guilmette fifth.

Ohno won both the 1,000 and overall World Cup titles. Monette was second in the 1,000 standings and the top Canadian in fourth overall and Tremblay was fifth overall.

China edged Canada for the gold in the men’s relay. Skating for the Canadians were Guilmette, Monette, Tremblay and Jeff Scholten of Fredericton. Canada won four of the six men’s relays this season.

Canada was number-one in the men’s team rankings this season on the World Cup and second for the women.

Next on the calendar are the Canadian championships next month which will determine the squads for the world championships.

Sunday`s results at the short track speed skating World Cup final in Saguenay, Que.


1,000: 1. Jiajun Li, China, 1:33.909; 2. Seung-Jae Lee, South Korea, 1:34.003; 3. Apolo Anton Ohno, U.S., 1:34.060; 4. Jean-François Monette, Pointe-aux-Trembles, Que., 1:34.102; 5. Jonathan Guilmette, Montreal, 1 :34.131.

Also : 10. François-Louis Tremblay, Boucherville, Que.

3,000 : 1. Guilmette, 5 :04.655; 2. Li, 5 :05.322; 3. Lee, 5 :15.063; 4. Ye Li, China, 5 :21.600; 5. Ohno, disqualified.

5,000 relay : 1. China, 6 :56.742; 2. Canada (Guilmette, Monette, Tremblay, Jeff Scholten, Fredericton), 6:56.877; 3. U.S., 6:58.910; 4. South Korea, 7:15.051.


1,000: 1. Amélie Goulet-Nadon, Laval, Que., 1 :43.403; 2. Meng Wang, China, 1 :43.437; 3. Xiaoying Liu, China, 1:43.543; 4. Alanna Kraus, Abbotsford, B.C., 1:43.588.

Also: 8. Amanda Overland, Cambridge, Ont.

3,000: 1. Tianyu Fu, China, 6:01.016; 2. Tatiana Borodulina, Russia, 6:01.104; 3. Meng Wang, China, 6:01.232; 4. Yvonne Kunz, Germany, 6:01.100; 5. Goulet-Nadon, 6:31.405; 6. Kraus disqualified.

3,000 relay: 1. Canada (Goulet-Nadon; Kraus; Overland; Tania Vicent, Montreal), 4:24.505; 2. China, 4:25.677; 3. Germany 4:42.78; 4. Russia, disqualified.



1,000: 1. Ohno, 197; 2. Monette, 189; 3. Hyun-Soo Ahn, South Korea, 188; 4. Tremblay, 182.


Overall: Ohno, 196; 2. Ahn, 194; 3. Fabio Carta, Italy, 189; 4. Monette, 185; 5. Tremblay, 184.


1,000: 1. Goulet-Nadon, 191; 2. Kraus, 184; 3. Evgenia Radanova, Bulgaria, 182.

Relay : 1. China, 198; 2. South Korea, 197; 3. Canada, 194.

Overall: 1. Fu, 194; 2. Goulet-Nadon, 193; 3. Radanova, 191; 6. Kraus, 178.