Canada at ST World Cup #6 Germany

Canada’s short track team at World Cup #6 in Dresden, Germany

DRESDEN, Germany
– Speed Skating Canada’s short track team is in Dresden, Germany, for the sixth and last Samsung ISU World Cup of the season from Friday, Feb. 8 to Sunday, Feb. 10. Listed below are the individual races each skater will take part in.

The qualifications rounds are on Friday include the 500 metres, the 1,000 metres, both 1,500-metre races and relays. Saturday’s races will see the first 1,500-metre race, the 1,000 metres and the men and women’s relay semifinals. On Sunday, there will be the second 1,500-metre and 500-metre races, as well as the relay finals.

Team notes for World Cup #6
Dresden, Germany - Energie Verbund Arena


(Germany is six hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time)

Friday, Feb. 8
*9 a.m.: Preliminary round for 500 m, 1000 m, 1500 m (1), 1500 m (2) and quarterfinal relay heats
Saturday, Feb. 9
*9 a.m.: Repechage for 1000 m and 1500 m (1)
1 p.m.: 1000 m quarterfinals, semifinals and finals; 1500 m (1) semifinals and finals; and relay semifinals
Sunday, Feb. 10
*9 a.m.: Repechage for 500 m and 1500 m (2)
1 p.m.: 500 m quarterfinals, semifinals and finals; 1500 m (2) semifinals and finals; and relay finals

* Starting times subject to change.

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Team Notes

  • At World Cup #1 in Calgary (Oct. 19-21), Canada collected four individual silver medals and a bronze, as well as a bronze in the men's relay.
  • At World Cup #2 in Montreal (Oct. 26-28), Canada collected three individual gold medals, five silver and three bronze, as well a silver in the women's relay. The 12 total medals are the most for Canada at one World Cup.
  • At World Cup #3 in Nagoya, Japan (Nov. 30-Dec. 2), Canada collected two individual medals - a silver (500m) and bronze (1500 m) by Charles Hamelin.
  • At World Cup #4 in Shanghai, China (Dec. 7-9), Canada won three individual medals (one gold and two bronze) and a bronze in the men's relay.
  • World Cup #5 is in Sochi, Russia, from Feb. 1-3, Canada won three individual medal (two gold and one bronze) and a silver in the women's relay.
  • Gabrielle Waddell took part in her first World Cup this season in Sochi. She collected her first World Cup medal, bronze in the 500 m (2).
  • Vincent Cournoyer took part in his first career World Cup in Sochi.
  • World Cup #6 is in Dresden, Germany, from Feb. 8-10: François Hamelin will replace Charles Hamelin. Vincent Cournoyer will continue on, as Liam McFarlane will not be joining the team.
  • The World Cup Podium Tracker by Intact Insurance stands at $35,000 (10 gold, 15 silver; 10 bronze). Intact Insurance will award $1,000 in cash and prizes to a local speed skating club with each individual medal win. This season’s 34th medal came from Waddell today and Hamelin won the 35th. The Les Fines Lames de Sainte-Julie and Richmond Rockets Speed Skating Club will each receive $1,000 from the program for the podiums.


  • Valérie Maltais set the world and Canadian 1000 m record of *1:27.653 at World Cup #1 in the qualification round on Oct. 19 at the Olympic Oval in Calgary. She set the Canadian record of 1:27.895 at the fall World Cup selections on Sept. 15 at the Olympic Oval. *Her world record was beat by Suk Hee Shim of Korea, 1:26.661, at World Cup #1 in Calgary on Oct. 21.
  • Michael Gilday, Charles Hamelin, François Hamelin and Oliver Jean set the world and Canadian relay record of 6:30.958 at World Cup #1 on Oct. 19 at the Olympic Oval in Calgary. The foursome broke the Canadian record on Sept. 16 at the Olympic Oval during the fall World Cup selections on Sept. 16 with a time of 6:32.909.
  • Charles Hamelin set the Canadian 500 m record of 40.125 seconds in the final of the second 500 m race at the fall World Cup selections on Sept. 16 at the Olympic Oval in Calgary.
  • Olivier Jean set the Canadian 1000 m record of 1:21.815 in the final of the first 1000 m race at the fall World Cup selections on Sept. 15 at the Olympic Oval in Calgary.

Team staff

Yves Hamelin - Team leader and SSC short track program director
Frédéric Blackburn - Head coach, women
Derrick Campbell - Head coach, men
Jonathon Cavar - Coach

International competitions

Oct. 19-21: World Cup #1, Calgary
Oct. 26-28: World Cup #2, Montreal
Nov. 30-Dec. 2: World Cup #3, Nagoya, Japan
Dec. 7-9: World Cup #4, Shanghai, China
Feb. 1-3: World Cup #5, Sochi, Russia
Feb. 8-10: World Cup #6, Dresden, Germany
Feb. 22-24: World Junior Championships, Warsaw, Poland
March 8-10: World Short Track Championships, Debrecen, Hungary

Canadian team World Cup #6 (updated Feb. 6)

- Numbers in brackets () denote career information. Other numbers are from 2012-13 season.

SkaterWC 1GoldSilverBronzeTotalHometownRaces for WC #6
Marie-Eve Drolet5 (21)0 (1)1 (6)0 (1)1 (8)Laterrière, Que.1500 (1), 1500 (2)
Jessica Hewitt5 (18)(0)(0)(0)(0)Kamloops, B.C.1000, 1500 (2)
Valérie Maltais5 (18)1 (1)0 (1)0 (2)1 (4)La Baie, Que.1000, 1500 (2)
Marianne St. Gelais5 (20)0 (9)1 (4)1 (4)2 (17)St. Félicien, Que.500, 1000
Caroline Truchon5 (13)(0)(0)1 (1)1 (1)Chicoutimi, Que.500, 1500 (1)
Gabrielle Waddell1 (9)(0)(0)1 (1)1 (1)Red Deer, Alta.500, 1500 (1)
Total26 (99)1 (11)2 (11)3 (9)6 (31)
SkaterWC 1GoldSilverBronzeTotalHometownRaces for WC #6
Guillaume Bastille5 (19)1 (3)0 (2)1 (5)2 (10)Rivière-du-Loup, Que.500, 1500 (1)
Charle Cournoyer2 (4)(0)(0)0 (1)0 (1)Boucherville, Que.500, 1000
Vincent Cournoyer1 (1)(0)(0)(0)(0)Boucherville, Que.1500 (1), 1500 (2)
Michael Gilday5 (22)0 (1)2 (5)0 (3)2 (9)Yellowknife1000, 1500 (2)
François Hamelin4 (21)0 (0)0 (1)0 (4)0 (5)Sainte-Julie, Que.1500 (1), 1500 (2)
Olivier Jean4 (27)0 (7)1 (6)1 (5)2 (18)Lachenaie, Que.500, 1000
Total21 (94)1 (11)3 (14)2 (18)6 (43)

1 WC denotes number of participations at World Cups - updated with World Cup #5.

World Cup medals won by Canadians this season

RaceMedalSkater#TimeWorld CupDate
RelayBronzeMen: Bastille, *Gilday, *C. Hamelin, *F. Hamelin, *Jean6:30.958WC-1, Calgary21/10/12
RelaySilverWomen: Drolet, *Gregg, *Maltais, *St-Gelais, *Truchon4:14.910WC-2, Montreal28/10/12
RelayBronzeMen: *Bastille, *Gilday, *C. Hamelin, *F. Hamelin, McFarlane6:41.760WC-4, Shanghai9/12/12
RelaySilverWomen: *Drolet, *Hewitt, *Maltais, *St. Gelais, Waddell4:11.366WC-5, Sochi3/2/13
500 (2)GoldGuillaume Bastille41.376WC-2, Montreal28/10/12
1500BronzeGuillaume Bastille2:19.592WC-4, Shanghai8/12/12
1000 (2)SilverMarie-Eve Drolet1:29.449WC-1, Calgary21/10/12
1000 (2)SilverMichael Gilday1:23.114WC-1, Calgary21/10/12
500 (2)SilverMichael Gilday41.574WC-2, Montreal28/10/12
500 (1)SilverJessica Gregg43.928WC-2, Montreal27/10/12
500 (2)GoldJessica Gregg44.221WC-2, Montreal28/10/12
1500BronzeCharles Hamelin2:10.822WC-1, Calgary20/10/12
500SilverCharles Hamelin40.420WC-1, Calgary21/10/12
1000SilverCharles Hamelin1:26.045WC-2, Montreal28/10/12
500 (1)SilverCharles Hamelin41.484WC-2, Montreal27/10/12
1500 (1)BronzeCharles Hamelin2:16.312WC-3, Nagoya1/12/12
500SilverCharles Hamelin41.332WC-3, Nagoya2/12/12
500GoldCharles Hamelin40.821WC-4, Shanghai9/12/12
500 (1)GoldCharles Hamelin41.092WC-5, Sochi2/2/13
1000GoldCharles Hamelin1:25.159WC-5, Sochi3/2/13
1000 (1)SilverOlivier Jean1:23.748WC-1, Calgary20/10/12
500 (1)BronzeOlivier Jean41.916WC-2, Montreal27/10/12
1000GoldValérie Maltais1:30.865WC-2, Montreal28/10/12
500 (2)BronzeLiam McFarlane41.479WC-2, Montreal28/10/12
500 (2)SilverMarianne St. Gelais44.408WC-2, Montreal28/10/12
500BronzeMarianne St. Gelais53.900WC-4, Shanghai9/12/12
500 (2)BronzeCaroline Truchon44.354WC-2, Montreal28/10/12
500 (2)BronzeGabrielle Waddell44.236WC-5, Sochi3/2/13

# Best time in that distance during this World Cup.
* skated in the final

World Cup rankings by distance