Canada wins second consecutive men’s relay gold at short track World Cup

Canada capped the second stop on the short track speed skating World Cup circuit Sunday with four medals including gold in the men’s relay.

The Canadians finish the weekend with five medals, including two gold, and stepped on the podium nine times at the first two meets. That was beyond what national team coach Guy Thibault expected.

"We could have actually won a few more medals," said Thibault. "We had some bad luck in some races. It’s a great way to start the season."

The Canadians earned the victory in the men’s 5,000-metre relay for a second straight weekend clocking 6:59.383. The skaters were Francois-Louis Tremblay of Boucherville, Que., Jonathan Guilmette of Montreal, Éric Bédard of Ste-Thècle, Qué., and Mathieu Turcotte of Sherbrooke, Que., who controlled the race from start to finish despite a strong challenge from Italy.

The Italians were second in 6:59.632 and Japan third in 7:01.043.

Tremblay added a bronze in the men’s 3,000-metres clocking 5:01.860 while Jean-François Monette of Montreal was sixth. Tremblay also won the men’s 500 on Saturday and placed third for the competition’s overall rankings.

It was a big day for 19-year-old Amélie Goulet Nadon of Laval, Que., who captured two silver medals. In the women’s 3,000, Eun Kyung Choi of South Korea took the gold in 5:41.563 and Goulet-Nadon followed in 5:42.742 for her first career individual World Cup podium appearance.

Then she teamed for silver in the women’s 3,000 relay with Annie Perreault of Rock Forest, Que., Alanna Kraus of Abbotsford, B.C., and Tania Vicent of Montreal. China won the race handily ion 4:17.958 and the Canadians clocked 4:21.088.

"I think Amélie will be a regular presence in finals at this level," said Thibault. "She mainly lacks experience right now and still makes little mistakes. But she’s starting to show a lot of power in her skating and her top speed is nearly comparable to the world’s best. Plus she’s gaining more and more confidence."

The World Cup season resumes November 29 with European stops in Russia and Italy.

Sunday’s results at a World Cup short track speed skating competition in Beijing:


1,000: 1. Fabio Carta, Italy, 1:28.544; 2. Seung-Jae Lee, South Korea, 1:28.577; 3. Nicola Franceschina, Italy, 1:29.598; 4. Jun-Hyung Yeo, South Korea, 1:29.646.

Canadians: 6. François-Louis Tremblay, Boucherville, Que.; 7. Jean-François Monette, Montreal; 11. Éric Bédard, Ste-Thècle, Que.

3,000: 1. Lee, 5:01.767; 2. Hyun-Soo Ahn, South Korea, 5:01.814; 3. Tremblay, 5:01.860; 4. Carta, 5:01.879; 5. Sebastian Praus, Germany, 5:03.595; 6. Monette, 5:06.249; 7. Franceschina, 5:22.644.

5,000 relay: 1. Canada (Bédard; Tremblay; Jonathan Guilmette, Montreal; Mathieu Turcotte, Sherbrooke, Que.), 6:59.383; 2. Italy, 6:59.632; 3. Japan, 7:01.043.

Overall standings for the meet: 1. Carta, 76 points; 2. Lee, 68; 3. Tremblay, 55; 7. Monette, 6.

Team standings for the meet: 1. South Korea, 192 points; 2. Canada, 183; 3. Italy, 174.


1,000: 1. Eun-Kyung Choi, South Korea, 1:33.381; 2. Tianyu Fu, China, 1:34.055; 3. Meng Wang, China, 1:36.181; 4. Ha-Ri Cho, South Korea, 1:41.969.

Canadians: 7. Annie Perreault, Rock Forest, Que.; 15. Amélie Goulet-Nadon, Laval, Que.; 17. Chantale Sévigny, Sherbrooke, Que.

3,000: 1. Choi, 5:41.563; 2. Goulet-Nadon, 5:42.752; 3. Cho, 5:50.599.

3,000 relay: 1. China, 4:17.958; 2. Canada (Perreault; Goulet-Nadon; Alanna Kraus, Abbotsford, B.C.; Tania Vicent, Montreal), 4:21.088; 3. South Korea, 4:22.299.

Overall standings for the meet: 1. Choi, 102 points; 2. Fu, 55; 3. Evegenia Radanova, Bulgaria, 47; 6. Goulet-Nadon, 29.

Team standings for the meet: 1. China, 209 points; 2. South Korea, 185; 3. Canada 164.