Charles Hamelin Continues Conquest; Valérie Maltais Establishes Lead

Montreal, August 15, 2013 – It was another crucial day at the Maurice Richard arena as the Intact Insurance 2014 Short Track Team Selections continued with the last opportunity for athletes to earn points in the third and final racing of the 1500m event. Charles Hamelin continued to dominate with a seventh consecutive victory. With these perfect results, he is now guaranteed the first spot on the World Cup team that will compete in Olympic Qualification events in Torino, Italy (World Cup #3) and in Kolomna, Russia (World Cup #4).


It was a spectacular 1000m women’s final with Marie-Ève Drolet falling in the last lap of the event, which caused Jessica Hewitt and Marianne St-Gelais to fall. This left Valérie Maltais alone to finish the race, even though she was also affected by Drolet’s fall, she managed to stay on track. St-Gelais rose rapidly from the ice and finished second, thus earning valuable points. Jessica Hewitt finished third.

Marie-Ève Drolet did not race the 1500m because of pain caused by her fall in the 1000m. In the first racing of the 1500m, Drolet finished first; and in the second racing she finished third. She will be evaluated on Friday by the medical team to determine whether she participates in the last day of races on Sunday.

It was an exciting 1000m from beginning to end with the men battling to earn places in the final. Charles Hamelin finished first, a sixth consecutive victory, while Charle Cournoyer finished second by passing François Hamelin in the last metres of the race. Oliver Jean finished fourth.


The order of things was maintained during the women’s final, which included many tight passes. Maltais won this event for a second time, followed by St-Gelais and then Hewitt. In an interview after the race, Valérie Maltais spoke of her strategy for getting to the head of the pack. “It’s the best position for me because it allows me to control the race. It works for me because I know that I still have energy in my legs,” said Maltais. Marianne St-Gelais stated she is satisfied with her second place: “I am not here just to win. I finished second three times in this race so I am very happy with being consistent”.

Charles Hamelin went all out to win, even though he already had the maximum amount of points in the 1500m. With seven wins in seven races, Charles certainly helped motivate his brother François who also had quite the race, finishing second. Oliver Jean came in third. Charle Cournoyer and Rémi Tinker-Beaulieu both fell near the end of the race. “Everything I do is working. When I pass, it goes smoothly. After nine days of racing, I still feel in peak form. This is good preparation for the Games in Sochi because the schedule is exactly the same,” explained Charles Hamelin at the end of the race.

Note that the athletes race each event three times. The best two results of each distance are kept. The last day of races is Sunday (detailed schedule below).

Day 4 Results – Thursday, August 15, 2013

Final, 1000m (women) – 2nd of 3 events

1. Valérie Maltais, La Baie (1:31,052)
2. Marianne St-Gelais, St-Félicien (1:37,069)
3. Jessica Hewitt, Kamloops, C-B (1:39,680)
4. Marie-Eve Drolet, Laterrière (2:07,755)

Final, 1000m (men) – 2nd of 3 events

1. Charles Hamelin, Ste-Julie (1:24,577)

2. Charle Cournoyer, Boucherville (1:24,842)

3. François Hamelin, Ste-Julie (1:24,860)

4. Olivier Jean, Lachenaie (1:26,341)

Final, 1500m (women) – 3rd of 3 events

1. Valérie Maltais, La Baie (2:34,753)

2. Marianne St-Gelais, St-Félicien (2:34,775)

3. Jessica Hewitt, Kamloops, C-B (2:35,149)

4. Keri Morrison, Burlington, Ont. (2:35,256)

5. Gabrielle Waddell, Red Deer, Alb (2:35,549)

6. Namasthee Harris-Gauthier, Montréal (2:38,897)

Final, 1500m (men) – 3rd of 3 events

1. Charles Hamelin, Ste-Julie (2:20,818)

2. François Hamelin, Ste-Julie (2:20,959)

3. Olivier Jean, Lachenaie (2:21,295)

4. Yoan Gauthier, Rivière-du-Loup (2:21,524)

5. Rémi Beaulieu-Tinker, Alma (2:42,766)

6.Charle Cournoyer, Boucherville (2:45,672)

Complete race results:étitions-nationales-courte-piste


Times are approximate and subject to change without notice

Sunday, August 18

11:00 a.m.


11:50 a.m.

500m Qualification

12:25 p.m.

500m Semi-final

1:00 p.m.

500m Final

2:20 p.m.

1000m Qualification

3:00 p.m.

1000m Semi-final

3:40 p.m.

1000m Final

4:08 p.m.

Scheduled event end

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