Charles Hamelin takes gold in the 1000m Canadian men dominate to win the relay

Charles Hamelin takes gold in the 1000m Canadian men dominate to win the relay

Montréal, November 10th, 2013 – It was a golden day for the Canadian male short track speed skaters who took gold in the relay and Charles Hamelin’s second victory, in the individual event, this weekend in Torino, Italy.

Charles Hamelin (Ste-Julie, Que), picked up right where he left off yesterday and reclaimed the highest spot on the podium. There was a sense of déjà vu in the 1000m final, with Russia and Canada again contending for the top spots. Hamelin emerged victorious and Russian Victor An took 2nd. Olivier Jean (Lachenaie, Que) was shut out of a podium finish, in 4th place. Young Charle Cournoyer (Boucherville, Que) impressed again with a 7th place finish.

Charles Hamelin now sits atop the overall standings of the Samsung Short Track Speed Skating World Cup.

Canadian men dominate the relay!
It was a three-way battle on the men’s side for the relay crown between Canada, Russia and the Netherlands. In the end, it was the Canadian team, made up of Charles Hamelin, Olivier Jean, Michael Gilday, François Hamelin and Charle Cournoyer who took the honours. Russia earned silver and the Netherlands, bronze.

The women’s race was successfully under way for the Canadians until the 14th lap, where a bad transition relinquished Canada to last place. Jessica Gregg (Edmonton, AB), Jessica Hewitt (Kamloops, BC), Marianne St-Gelais (St-Félicien, Que) and Valérie Maltais (La Baie, Que) skated extremely hard to make up for it, but it was too little too late and they were shut out of the podium by the Italians, who claimed bronze.

On the women’s side, Marianne St-Gelais was the only Canadian to make it to the 1000m finals. She took 6th place in a race that saw the Korean women sweep the top 3 spots. The quarter finals were not kind to Jessica Hewitt, who was sitting comfortably in 2nd for the entire heat and was beaten in the very last turn by her Chinese rival. Valérie Maltais fell with 4 laps to go and finished 17th.

Next stop: Russia
The Samsung World Cup circuit now moves to Kolomna, Russia for the last stage of Olympic qualifying, set to determine how many spots each country has earned for each distance.

Final, Men’s 1000m
1. Charles Hamelin, Ste-Julie (Que), 1:23.446
2. Victor An, Russia, 1:23.487
3. Vladimir Grigorev, Russia, 1:23.795
4. Olivier Jean, Lachenaie (Que) 1:23.817
7. Charle Cournoyer, Boucherville (Que), 1:27.811

Final, Women’s 1000m
1. Suk Hee Shim, Korea, 1:25.223
2. Alang Kim, Korea 1:35.318
3. Seung-Hi Park, Korea 1:59.828
4. Jianrou Li, China PEN
6. Marianne St-Gelais, St-Félicien (Que), 1:36.102
10. Jessica Hewitt (Kamloops, BC)
17. Valérie Maltais (La Baie, Que)

Final, Men’s 5000m Relay
1. Canada (Charle Cournoyer, Michael Gilday, Charles et Francois Hamelin, Olivier Jean) 6:44.799
2. Russia (Victor An, Semen Elistratov, Vladimir Grigorev, Ruslan Zakharov) 6:45.229
3. Netherlands (Daan Breeuwsma, Niels Kerstholt, Sjinkie Knegt, Freek Van Der Wart) 6:47.757
4. Italy (Yuri Confortola, Anthony Lobello, Edoardo Reggiani, Davide Viscardi) 6:48.900
5. USA (Eduardo Alvarez, J.R. Celski, Chris Creveling, John-Henry Krueger) 6:57.778

Final, Women’s 3000m Relay
1. Korea (Ha-Ri Cho, Alang Kim, Seung-Hi Park, Suk Hee Shim) 4:10.600
2. China (Kexin Fan, Jianrou Li, Qiuhong Liu, Meng Wang) 4:11.404
3. Italy (Arianna Fontana, Lucia Peretti, Martina Valcepina, Elena Viviani) 4:11.844
4. Canada (Jessica Gregg, Jessica Hewitt, Valérie Maltais, Marianne St-Gelais) 4:11.919