Coaching Association of Canada. A Wonderful Year for Making Dreams Possible

Dear Partner,

In its first year, the General Motors (GM) Making Dreams Possible initiative, in partnership with the Coaching Association of Canada (CAC) has awarded 115 community clubs grants and 10 high performance grants across Canada! These grants have already provided funds for coach training and development to over 5,000 coaches, and ultimately affecting nearly 70,000 Canadian athletes.

Enhancing the experience of our Canadian athletes by providing them with coaching excellence from the grassroots all the way up to our elite athletes is an important step for Canadian Sport, however Making Dreams Possible could not be done without the support from our partners’ in spreading the word to provincial/territorial and local sport organizations.

CAC is now accepting applications for the next wave of GM’s Making Dreams Possible Club Coaching Grants and High Performance Coach Grants and the grant deadline of February 14, 2008 is fast approaching.

This year, to help clubs and coaches complete their applications, there is a new Helpful Hints page which gives an outline of specific criteria the Selection Committee is looking for. Clubs can find this useful guide at

To help promote the second year of this wonderful initiative and extend this opportunity to your clubs and coaches, we’re asking for your assistance in the following ways:

1. Forward this email to your distribution list – The best way of helping CAC achieve its goal of enhancing the experience of young Canadian athletes through quality coaching is by spreading the word of this national funding initiative. Sharing this information with your clubs allows them to apply for the opportunity to develop their programs and enables coaches to attain the training and development skills they require.

2. Button/Banner – Place the buttons or banners attached below on your website. Please link the English to and the French to We would also appreciate you letting us know if you place the buttons or banners on your website.

If you require more information about the Making Dreams Possible program, please contact:

Tanya Ng Yuen, Program Coordinator
Coaching Association of Canada
Tel: 613-235-5000 ext. 9-2350

Thank you for your cooperation!

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