Day 1 at the Canada Cup #1

Day 1 at the Canada Cup #1 at Quebec City’s Gaétan-Boucher Oval
Laurent Dubreuil, Daniel Dubreuil, Josie Spence and Tamara Oudenaarden win today

– With temperatures hovering around minus-15 Celsius at the Gaétan-Boucher Oval in Quebec City, skaters from across Canada competed in the first day of competition in the Canada Cup #1 series long track competition. The women took part in the 500-metre and 1,500-metre races, junior men the 3,000 metres and men in the 500 metres and 1,000 metres distances.

Skating out of their home oval, national team members Laurent Dubreuil, of Lévis, Que., and Muncef Ouardi, of Quebec City, finished first and second, respectively, in today’s 500-metre and 1,000-metre races. Dubreuil took the 500 metres in 37.19 seconds, followed by Ouardi at 37.28, and Richard MacLennan, Sault Ste. Marie, Ont., in third place at 37.68 seconds. Dubreuil won the 1,000-metre race in one minute and 14.20 seconds. Ouardi was second in 1:14.58, and Martin Corbett, of Scarborough, Ont., was third in 1:14.98.

In the women’s races today, development team member Tamara Oudenaarden, of St. Albert, Alta., won the 500 metres in 41.67 seconds, while Josie Spence, of Kamloops, B.C., was first in the 1,500 metres in two minutes and 10.87 seconds. Marsha Hudey, of White City, Sask., was second in the 500 metres (41.96) and Calgary’s Kate Hanly was third (42.08). Hanly took second spot in the 1,500 metres (2:13.07) and Ottawa’s Isabelle Weidemann was third (2:13.72).

Hanly, MacLennan and Corbett are also on Canada’s development team.

In the junior men’s 3,000-metre race, Daniel Dubreuil, Laurent’s brother, won in a time of four minutes and 13.40 seconds. Conner McConvey, of Innisfil, Ont., was second (4:16.72) and Vincent De Haitre, of Cumberland, Ont., took third place (4:20.33).

The top three finishers from today’s races are as follows:

500 metres men: 1st – Laurent Dubreuil (Lévis, Que.), 37.19 seconds; 2nd – Muncef Ouardi (Quebec City), 37.28; 3rd Richard MacLennan (Sault Ste. Marie, Ont.) 37.68.
500 metres women: 1st – Tamara Oudenaarden (St. Albert, Alta.), 41.67 seconds; 2nd – Marsha Hudey (White City, Sask.), 41.96; 3rd – Kate Hanly (Calgary), 42.08.
1,000 metres men: 1st – Laurent Dubreuil (Lévis, Que.), 1:14.20; 2nd – Muncef Ouardi (Quebec City), 1:14.58; Martin Corbett (Scarborough, Ont.), 1:14.98.
1,500 metres women: 1st – Josie Spence (Kamloops, B.C.), 2:10.87; 2nd – Kate Hanly (Calgary), 2:13.07; 3rd – Isabelle Weidemann (Ottawa), 2:13.72.
3,000 metres junior men: 1st – Daniel Dubreuil (Lévis, Que.), 4:13.40; 2nd – Conner McConvey (Innisfil, Ont.), 4:16.72; 3rd – Vincent De Haitre (Cumberland, Ont.), 4:20.33.

On Saturday, the featured distances are the 1,000 metres and 3,000 for women, and the 1,500 metres and 5,000 metres for men.