Final day of the fall World Cups short track selections

Final day of the fall World Cups short track selections in Calgary
Maltais and Hamelin win 500 metres, Maltais and Jean take first place in 1,000-metre races

Audio: Maltais (French), Jean (French), Yves Hamelin (English), Yves Hamelin (French)

CALGARY – On the third and final day of competition at Speed Skating Canada’s fall World Cups short track selections at the Olympic Oval in Calgary, the second the 500- and 1,000-metre distances were raced today, as well as the men’s relay. Valérie Maltais of La Baie, Que., won both the 500- and 1,000-metre distances today, giving her victories in five of the six races. Charles Hamelin of Sainte-Julie, Que., won his fourth race of the weekend, placing first in the 500 metres. Olivier Jean of Lachenaie, Que., captured his second race with a win in the 1,000 metres. (Photo on right: Maltais, photo by Dave Holland)

The selections determined the points ranking to name the teams for the first four Samsung ISU World Cups of 2012-13. The top five men and women from the selections are guaranteed position and SSC’s short track high performance committee will complete Canadian team of six men and six women. Skaters are ranked taking the total points from their best two races (see points ranking here).

As a result of the injury-bye request from Marie-Ève Drolet of Laterrière, Que., only the top four women were identified for the fall World Cups. Maltais ranked first, with Jessica Hewitt of Kamloops, B.C., in second place, Caroline Truchon of Chicoutimi, Que., in third and Marianne St. Gelais of Saint-Félicien, Que., in fourth spot. On the men’s side, Charles Hamelin took first place, followed by Jean in second, Francois Hamelin of Sainte-Julie, Que., in third, Michael Gilday of Yellowknife ranking fourth, and Liam McFarlane of Medicine Hat, Alta., capturing fourth spot.

The first Samsung ISU World Cup Short Track event sees the short track team return to Calgary for international competition, starting Friday, Oct. 19 through to Sunday, Oct. 21. The circuit continues the following weekend with World Cup 2 in Montreal, from Friday, Oct. 26 to Sunday, Oct. 28.

In winning today's 500-metre final, Hamelin sets a Canadian record with a time 40.125 seconds. It is also a world fastest, but the competition was not sanctioned by ISU. Michael Gilday set the previous record, 40.437 seconds, in 2009. Jean took second place in a time of 40.472 seconds, François Hamelin was third (40.623) and McFarlane was fourth after suffering a fall (57.952).

In the women’s 500-metre final, Maltais was first with a time of 43.384 seconds. St. Gelais claimed second place (43.472), Quebec’s Kasandra Bradette was third (43.674) and Alberta’s Jessica Gregg was in fourth place (43.684).

Jean captured first place in the men’s 1,000-metre final in a time of one minute and 24.427 seconds. Francois Hamelin was in second place (1:24.573), followed by brother Charles (1:24.658) in third, Rémi Beaulieu of Quebec in fourth place (1:24.59) and Guillaume Blais-Dufour of Quebec in fifth after a fall (2:13.039)

Maltais won her fifth race of the weekend taking the 1,000-metre women’s final in a time of one minute and 29.784 seconds. Hewitt claimed second place (1:29.951), with St. Gelais in third (1:30.204), Gregg in fourth (1:31.125), and Truchon in fifth place (1:35.573).

In the men’s relay, Jean, Gilday, Charles and Francois Hamelin skated to an unofficial world record of 6:32.909. The official ISU record, 6:37.877, is held by Great Britain set in 2011. The women’s relay could not be raced today because they could not meet the required 12 skaters for three teams.

Quebec skaters Marie-Ève Drolet of and Vanessa Bélanger-Marceau did not finish the competition after falling and experiencing concussion symptoms. Drolet fell during the 500-metre semi-finals on Friday, and Bélanger-Marceau was injured on Saturday.

Results from today’s races (complete results here):

A final 500 m men: 1st Charles Hamelin 40.125 (Quebec), 2nd Olivier Jean 40.472 (Quebec), 3rd François Hamelin 40.623 (Quebec), 4th Liam McFarlane 57.952 (Quebec) (fall)
B final 500 m men: 1st Guillaume Blais-Dufour (Quebec), 2nd Michael Gilday (N.W.T.), 3rd Guillaume Bastille (Quebec), 4th Patrick Duffy (Quebec)
C final 500 m men: 1st Charle Cournoyer (Quebec), 2nd François-Louis Tremblay (Quebec), 3rd Pier-Olivier Gagnon (Quebec), 4th Rémi Beaulieu (Quebec)
D final 500 m men: 1st Vincent Cournoyer (Quebec), 2nd Yoan Gauthier (Quebec), 3rd Jacob McKenzie, Ontario, 4th Alexandre St. Jean (Quebec) (DNS)

A final 500 m women: 1st Valérie Maltais 43.384 (Quebec), 2nd Marianne St. Gelais 43.472 (Quebec), 3rd Kasandra Bradette 43.674 (Quebec), 4th Jessica Gregg 43.684 (Alberta)
B final 500 m women: 1st Valérie Lambert (Quebec), 2nd Jessica Hewitt (Quebec), 3rd Caroline Truchon (Quebec), 4th Andrea Do-Duc (Quebec)
C final 500 m women: 1st Gabrielle Waddell (Alberta), 2nd Keri Morrison (Ontario), 3rd Léa Thibault (Quebec), 4th Courtney Shmyr (B.C.)
D final 500 m women: 1st Audrey Phaneuf (Quebec), 2nd Vicky Labourdette (Quebec)

A final 1000 m men: 1st Jean (1:24.427), 2nd F. Hamelin (1:24.573), 3rd C. Hamelin (1:24.658), 4th Beaulieu (1:24.59), 5th Blais-Dufour (2:13.039, fall)
B final 1000 m men: 1st Gilday, 2nd C. Cournoyer, 3rd McFarlane, 4th Bastille
C final 1000 m men: 1st V. Cournoyer, 2nd Tremblay, 3rd Duffy, 4th McKenzie

A final 1000 m women: 1st Maltais (1:29.784), 2nd Hewitt (1:29.951), 3rd St. Gelais (1:30.204), 4th Gregg (1:31.125), 5th Truchon (1:35.573)
B final 1000 m women: 1st Waddell, 2nd Bradette, 3rd Lambert
C final 1000 m women: no race, Labourdette