Financial support required to continue Canada’s dominance in Speed Skating

A winning formula for maximum success

Speed Skating Canada (SSC) and the University of Calgary’s Olympic Oval announced today a new three-year partnership designed to maximize podium results for Canada at the Winter Olympic Games in 2006. SSC has made a significant investment of over 1.1 million dollars, which will provide Canadian skaters with the best possible training centre and the latest in athlete services, programs, sport science, research and technology.

“Speed Skating Canada is very excited and extremely pleased with this new Olympic Oval partnership agreement,” says SSC Director General Jean Dupre. “The Oval is one of the best training centres in the world and programs at the Oval are a key component of our national success. However, Canada competes against countries with ten times the financial support, and the competitive balance is threatened without a financial commitment from our stakeholders.”

While the Olympic Oval and Speed Skating Canada share a vision of excellence and continued dominance in the competitive arena, maximum results can only be accomplished through the financial resources of all our stakeholders. An estimated 18 million dollars in infrastructure support is required to update a 17 year-old facility that was built for the 1988 Winter Olympic Games in Calgary. In addition, 2 million dollars is required in program support.

“In order to maintain our success and move forward on the international scene, we must enhance our world class training environment through research, technology and athlete services,” says Olympic Oval General Manager Jacques Thibault. “Without this support, it will be difficult to achieve expected results.”

Catriona Le May Doan agrees, “For me to continue to be my best, it is critical for the Olympic Oval to continue to be the best training centre in the world. Partnerships between the facility, Canadian sport organizations and their partners are crucial to our country’s speed skaters as they continue to succeed.”

Speed Skating Canada is the national governing body responsible for the advancement and growth of speed skating in Canada.


For more information please contact:

Jean Dupré, Director General
Speed Skating Canada
(613) 791-7479

Jacques Thibault
General Manger, Olympic Oval
(403) 220-7954