Hello from Heerenveen by James Monson


I am currently in a small town in the Netherlands. It's about 20 min from Heerenveen, the next stop on the world cup circuit. This will be the third world cup of this trip and the sixth one of the year. It is also the final world cup. I have been on the road now for almost 3 weeks, but surprisingly I'm enjoying the travel and not that anxious to get home.

The last two world cups were in Collalbo, Italy and Inzell, Germany. My racing hasn't been going that well and I have been very frustrated with that. I found myself getting quite down on myself. I have decided to refocus, enjoy my time here in Europe and not worry bout the racing too much. Part of speed skating is the whole experience, not just the racing. I have been too focused on racing and results and not enough on the other parts of traveling around the world.

I do not have a lot of time to go into the details of the last few weeks, as I am in a library in Stenwijck and it cost per minute to be online. I will be home on the 1st of March and will send out a full update of the trip and all the great times I have had. I hope everyone is doing well back at home.

Talk to you later,

James Monson