Hello from Inzell, Germany

Text courtesy Neal Marshall, National Team Coach.

Hello from Inzell, Germany,

If you are reading this it is because I have finally found a way to connect my computer to the internet. In the last few days since arriving here I have discovered how pathetically dependant I am upon regular communication via the cyber-waves. Take away a baby’s rattle and he cries…

Tomorrow the team begins world cup number two on this 3 1/2 week trip. Last week went very well in all aspects. Spirits were good, weather was good, and results were good.

As a coach you quickly discover that every competition is bitter-sweet because it is almost impossible that every single skater does well, and thankfully, not every single skater does poorly. You feel alternately happy, and sad throughout each day. So the sweet was Jeremy winning the 500 and 1000 on day one and setting two unofficial outdoor world records. Mark Nielsen, Brock Miron, and Kim Weger also did well with top three finishes in group B.

The spirit of the team has been great too, which is a huge factor in the success and enjoyment of a long road trip. The awesome weather and beautiful scenery in Italy definitely helped everyone get off to a good start, and despite some cold, dull weather here in Germany, everyone is still laughing and joking a lot and getting along well, Phew!!

On Monday our sprint group joined up with the all-round team who arrived from the World Championships from Hamar so it was nice to see some fresh faces and exchange some new travel stories.

The food here, as in Italy is awesome and I’m getting a little worried because there seems to be more of me than when I left Canada. Time for a few laps around the Faulkenstein mtn….