Hewitt & Hamelin best in 1,500 metres at National short track team selections #2

Hewitt and Hamelin best in 1,500 metres at National short track team selections #2

CALGARY – Jessica Hewitt of B.C., and Francois Hamelin of Quebec, won today’s 1,500-metre race today at the national short track team selections #2 at the Olympic Oval in Calgary.

In the six-man A final, Hamelin won in a time of two minutes and 21.350 seconds. Quebec’s Rémi Beaulieu was second (2:21.461) and Maxime Gauthier was third (2:21.610).

In the women’s A final, Hewitt won in a time of 2:35.087. Quebec skaters Kasandra Bradette was second (2:35.095) and Sabrina Bourgela was third (2:35.193).

The selections continue with the 500 metres on Saturday and 1,000 and Super 3,000 metres on Sunday. The relay will also take place on Sunday.

This competition, along with the Canadian Open Championships in January, will be used to compile the 2011-12 Canadian rankings and assist in determining the top 12 men and 12 women for the 2012-13 national and development teams.

Men 1,500 metres final ranking (province):
1st - François Hamelin (Quebec) 2:21.350; 2nd - Rémi Beaulieu (Quebec) 2:21.461; 3rd - Maxime Gauthier (Quebec) 2:21.610; 4th - Pier-Olivier Gagnon (Quebec); 5th - Alexandre St. Jean (Quebec); 6th - Guillaume Blais-Dufour (Quebec); 7th - Gabriel Chiasson-Poirier (Quebec;); 8th - Vincent Cournoyer (Quebec); 9th - Allyn Gagnon (Quebec); 10th - Jonathan Perez-Audy (Quebec); 11th - Jacob McKenzie (Ontario); 12th - Vincent Egesborg (Quebec); 13th - Patrick Duffy (Ontario); 14th - Sasha Fathoullin (Alberta); 15th - Dave Belval (Quebec); 16th - Mikhail Choi (Quebec); 17th - Rob Watson (Ontario); 18th - Julien Collin-Demers (Ontario); 19th - Yoan Gauthier (Quebec); 20th - David Goulet (Quebec); 21st - Jean-Christophe Marando (Quebec); 22nd - Benoit Larivière Lord (Quebec); 23rd - Mathieu Robitaille (Quebec); 24th - Mathieu Larivière-Lord (Quebec).

Women 1,500 metres final ranking (province):
1st - Jessica Hewitt (B.C.) 2:35.087; 2nd - Kasandra Bradette (Quebec) 2:35.095; 3rd - Sabrina Bourgela (Quebec) 2:365.193; 4th - Vanessa Bélanger-Marceau (Quebec); 5th - Namasthée Harris-Gauthier (Quebec); 6th - Andrea Do-Duc (Quebec); 7th - Ann-Véronique Michaud (Quebec); 8th - Vicky Labourdette (Quebec); 9th - Léa Thibault (Quebec); 10th - Ana Pacanins (Alberta); 11th - Elizabeth Albert (Quebec); 12th - Camille DeSerres-Rainville (Quebec); 13th - Keri Morrison (Ontario); 14th - Courtney Shmyr (B.C.); 15th - Amélie Tremblay (Quebec); 16th - Jessica Santos-Bouffard (Quebec); 17th - Kim Boutin (Quebec); 18th - Marie-Claude Lemieux (Quebec); 19th - Audrey Phaneuf (Quebec); 20th - Michelle Mackay (B.C.); 21st - Jesse Keca (B.C.); 22nd - Jamie MacDonald (B.C.); 23rd - Joannie Gervais (Quebec); 24th - Gillian Richmond (Alberta).