HPC Bulletin #135 – Short Track updates

November 12 2004

Clarification of Bye requests

The High Performance Committee – Short Track has recently received a number of Bye Requests from athletes who will be unable to compete in National Team Trials #1 due to injury. These athletes have requested a Bye to the Canada Post Open Championships.

It is important for all coaches and skaters who are competing in National Team Trials #1 to fully understand that the selection of any team or the selection / qualification of skaters to a subsequent competition is at all times subject to the approval of any Bye Requests that may be received by the High Performance Committee. This is in accordance with the Bye Policy that is included as Appendix A in the HPC Bulletin #135 – Short Track.

In the case of qualification to the Canada Post Open Championships the rankings from National Team Trials #1 if any valid Bye requests are received by the HPC they will be assessed individually and on their own merit. The HPC will then establish a revised ranking of athletes based upon the rankings from National Team Trials #1 and an assessment of previous performances from those who have requested a bye. The top 24 skaters from this revised ranking will then be qualified for entry to the Canada Post Open Championship.

For complete detail of the Bye Policy please see Appendix A of the HPC Bulletin #135 pages 43 to 48.

Change to HPC Bulletin #135 – Short Track

Nomination of skaters for Individual Distances for World Cup races 3 and 4 has changed to the following.

World Cups 3 and 4 (November 28-30; December 3-5)
The top 5 skaters overall (male and female) from National Team Trials 1 (based on 500m, 1000m and 1500m distances only) will compose the team. These 5 skaters will then be ranked for each of the 500m, 1000m and 1500m distances on the basis of their results in each respective distance from National Team Trials 1.

The 2 highest ranked skaters per distance (from amongst these 5 skaters) will then be automatically entered for each of the respective distances for both World Cup 3 and 4. The third position for each respective distance at each of these World Cup races will be decided at the full discretion of the coaching staff named for these World Cup races.

All skaters will be entered for the relay event.