ISU Announces Cancellation of Additional World Cup Competitions

Hub concept for long track to be explored for early 2021; Olympic short track test event in Beijing could potentially be re-scheduled  

LAUSANNE, SWITZERLAND - Considering the pandemic developments and related impact on the organizers and participants of events, the International Skating Union (ISU) Council announced today the cancellation or postponement of all remaining World Cup competitions for the 2020 calendar year.

For short track, the ISU has cancelled the two remaining World Cup competitions of the 2020 calendar year, which includes events in Seoul, South Korea (December 11-13, 2020) and Beijing, China (December 18-20, 2020).

For long track, the ISU had previously announced the cancellation of the first four World Cup competitions of the 2020 calendar year. At that time, the ISU Council had committed to exploring the concept of a hub-style World Cup series in the Netherlands this fall.

Due to concerns related to the pandemic development, the ISU concluded that the implementation of the Hub Concept during the month of November and December 2020 was premature. Consequently, there will be no World Cups in 2020 and the ISU will further evaluate the Hub Concept possibility for events in early 2021.

You can read the ISU’s official communication on their website. 


Today, the International Skating Union announced the cancellation or postponement of all remaining World Cup competitions for the 2020 calendar year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. While we are disappointed that our Canadian speed skaters will have to wait a bit longer before competing against the world’s best, Speed Skating Canada is fully supportive of this decision as it prioritizes the health and safety of our sport’s participants and of the communities in which we compete.  

Our High Performance programs are currently evaluating the impacts of this announcement and will continue working – in accordance with local, provincial and federal public health guidelines – to provide our skaters with a safe training environment and competition opportunities. We will also continue to collaborate with the ISU and our international colleagues to explore next steps in realizing a shortened competition season in 2021.   

We hope you will join us in cheering on our national team skaters once it is possible to do so safely.