Jim Allison elected as new President for Speed Skating Canada

Ottawa, June 25, 2014 – Jim Allison from Abbotsford, British Columbia, was elected as President of Speed Skating Canada (SSC) at the Annual General Meeting of the national organization held last weekend in Ottawa.
He is succeeding to Marie-Claire Rouleau who stepped down after she completed her third two-year mandate, as stipulated by SSC’s rules.
He will lead SSC’s Board of Directors which includes Vice President Susan Auch (Calgary, AB), Directors Jim Elliott (North Augusta, ON), Antonio Faiola (Calgary, AB), David Gilday (Yellowknife, T.-N.-O.) and Tony Main (Coquitlam, C.-B.) and Athletes Director, Liam McFarlane (Medicine Hat, AB).
“First of all, I’m truly honoured to be the new President of Speed Skating Canada and my goal will be to transfer my involvement and my passion for the sport to my new role”, said Jim Allison.
“I would also like to thank the exiting President, Marie-Claire Rouleau, Board Director, Jean R. Dupré, and Athletes Director, Jean-François Monette, for their contribution to Speed Skating Canada.”

“As President, Marie-Claire Rouleau did a remarkable job facing difficult challenges head on and motivating all of us to stay positive and work hard to be the best that we can be. I want to personally acknowledge and thank her for sharing her wisdom, dedication, leadership and passion. She is an amazing role model and mentor.”
Jim Allison’s involvement in Canadian speed skating started during the 1994 Olympic Games when one of his two kids asked to try speed skating after watching some events on TV. Since then, Jim was involved in many levels as a parent, volunteer during competitions, member of the Board of Directors then President of the British Columbia Speed Skating Association, and then was elected to Speed Skating Canada’s Board of Directors in 2012.
Jim Allison has also been president of the Board of Directors of the Big Brothers Big Sisters at the local and provincial levels and vice-president at the national level. He currently sits on the National Board of the Canadian Condominium Institute and he own a company managing assets on behalf of clients.
“In the past 20 years of involvement in speed skating, I had the opportunity to witness the great work of volunteers and staff across Canada. We are now embarking on a new quadrennial and we need to have an eye to the club kids. By nurturing and supporting our clubs and branches, our regional and national training centers, we will continue to develop outstanding citizens and athletes in the next Olympic quadrennials.”

Last term for Marie-Claire Rouleau
The exiting President, Marie-Claire Rouleau, has been part of Speed Skating Canada’s Board of Directors since 2002. She was elected president of the federation for the first time in June 2008.
“I’m very proud to having been part of the organization of Speed Skating Canada and I truly wish many success to my successor, Jim Allison, and to the federation”, said Marie-Claire Rouleau.
“I represented Speed Skating Canada with a lot of pride and have a lot of precious and unforgettable memories: the preparation to and during the Vancouver Olympic Games, the performances of our athletes at the national and international levels, the work sessions with the provinces and the committees, the lively discussions of the Board of Directors, etc… But I will mainly remember everyone who had an impact on me: the incredible athletes who are our first reason and our motivation for doing this, the engaged and creative staff members and the numerous dedicated, generous and unique volunteers. The sport environment changed a lot in the past year but I can see that our desire to win, to pursue our tradition of excellence and to do well is still strong.”
About Speed Skating Canada
Speed Skating Canada (SSC) is the governing body for competitive long track and short track speed skating in Canada. Founded in 1887, the association is comprised of 13 provincial and territorial branches representing more than 13,000 individual members, and counting. SSC believes that sport is an apprenticeship for life and prizes respect for others, integrity, excellence of effort, as well as a safe, healthy environment. SSC recognizes and values its outstanding volunteers who give freely of their time and expertise. It also celebrates the 63 Olympic medals won by Canadian athletes since 1932, as well as the coaches, officials and other dedicated individuals who helped them on their journey.

SSC is proud to be affiliated with partners that share the same vision and values including our premium sponsors Intact Insurance and Samsung, as well as our funding partners, the Government of Canada, Own the Podium, and WinSport Canada.

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