Kelsey Duffield strikes gold again at the Canada Cup in Calgary while Jordan Belchos establishes a new personal best

After winning the 1500m yesterday, Kelsey Duffield finished ahead of her competitors in the ladies’ 1000m with a time of 1:18.71minutes, a season best for the Albertan skater. In other races, Shannon Sibold was awarded the gold medal in the ladies’ 3000m, while Saskatchewan’s Mykola Makowsky won the men’s 1500m with a time of 1:47.63 minutes, and Jordan Belchos of Ontario claimed the top prize in the men’s 5000m.

Shaving 11 seconds off his personal best time in the 5000m, Belchos finished first with a time of 6:25.27 minutes. Keith Sulzer of Alberta ranked second while Dustin Johnston of Saskatchewan finished in third.

“I expected to do well. The ice in Calgary is pretty fast but I didn’t think I was going to do so well. I am very happy with my performance and that I improved my personal best by 11 seconds. It’s great to get this sort of confidence that I can go that fast. Tomorrow I will race the 10k, which is my best race and I am really looking forward to it”, said an ecstatic Belchos.

In the men’s 1500m, Sulzer ranked second behind Makowsky. Third place was awarded to Richard Maclennan of Ontario who won his second medal of the competition.

On the women’s side, Saskatchewan’s Kerry Dankers finished in second place in the 1000m. Danielle Wotherspoon of Alberta took third place skating the distance in 1:19.45 minutes.

“It was a very good race. It’s my season’s best in the 1000m. I had a great opener,” said Duffield. “It’s great to be on the Development Team. Without the government’s funding and sponsors I wouldn’t be able to train as much and to concentrate on performing. This weekend is a huge deal for me because I get points to be on the Development Team again next year. I have received the maximum of point possible so far.”

In women’s 3000m racing, Madeline Martin of Ontario finished in second place behind Sibold, and Brianne Tutt of Alberta took the bronze medal with a time of 4:20.69 minutes.

Over 75 athletes have raced to their personal best today. We can expect similar results tomorrow the Canada Cup #1 draws to an end. The men will skate the 500m, the 1000m and the 10000m. The women will race the 500m, the 1000m and the 5000m.