London & Cambridge Speed Skating Clubs worked on a special project with Christine Nesbitt

This past weekend, seven skaters from the London Speed Skating Club along
with three more from the Cambridge Speed Skating Club had an amazing
opportunity. Christine Nesbitt- Olympic gold medalist, World Cup champion,
and member of the London club- was in town with her coach, Mark Wild, and
together the group took part in a day-long film shoot for Speed Skating
Canada. The youngs skaters had the opportunity to perform technical drills and
skate with Christine, receiving valuable feedback from both her and Mark.
Christine also signed autographs, answered questions, and posed for

This opportunity stemmed from other initiatives the London Club had done in conjunction with the television and film students at Fanshawe
College and their instructor, who is a member of the London club. Their work
came to the attention of Douglas Duncan, Director Leadership Education at SSC, who saw the possibilities of taking it several steps further. The Fanshawe crew were innovative in their approaches and adaptation of equipment, and were therefore able to capture a lot of great video footage from optimum angles for educational purposes. When all is done, the video will be added to a bank of web resources that SSC is developing.