Long Track speed skater Denny Morrison recovering quickly from motorcycle accident

Neither driver involved will face any criminal charges

Four-time Long Track Speed Skating Olympic medalist Denny Morrison of Fort St. John, B.C., has started his rehabilitation and is recovering quickly from injuries sustained in the motorcycle accident which happened Thursday, May 7, in Calgary.

The 29 year-old athlete suffered a fractured femur, minor injuries to his lung, liver and kidney (bruises), a slight fracture to his radius and lumbar spine transverse process, a knee ACL tear, as well as a concussion. Morrison was discharged from Calgary’s Foothills Hospital Friday, May 15.

Two weeks after the accident, Morrison, who has no cast on his leg, is able to get around with the help of crutches, is working on walking slowly and has started some light pedalling on a stationary bike.
"I’m sure my quick recovery is a result in part of the amazing support I have received from my family, friends and speed skating teammates. It has been totally overwhelming,” said Denny Morrison. “And the expert care from the Foothills Hospital and Speed Skating Canada’s medical team has been so good! I can’t believe how quickly things have progressed so far. I know I am one lucky dude. It could have been much, much worse.”
No criminal charges
Last Friday, Morrison also met with the police, who confirmed that both drivers involved in the accident will not face any criminal charges. They also confirmed the investigation and several witness reports revealed he was travelling at a normal speed. Morrison received a traffic ticket for entering an intersection during a yellow light that includes a $155 fine.
“I’m just happy the investigation concluded that I was not speeding or driving recklessly”, said Morrison. “I have been riding motorcycles for 20 years and take road safety seriously. I think I just got caught in the shadow of the car travelling next to me and the other driver didn’t see me when she pulled out into the intersection. I had nowhere to go.”
“Speed Skating Canada is pleased to see Denny be cleared of any of the speculated criminal charges surrounding the accident. But we are even more pleased to see his recovery is coming along so quickly”, said Speed Skating Canada’s High Performance Director, Brian Rahill. “He will now be able to fully focus on his recovery and, in the Olympic cycle objective, to aim to repeat his performances from Sochi at the upcoming 2018 Olympic Games. I would also like to thank our medical team, led by our team doctor Victor Lun, as well as the surgeon and staff at the Calgary’s Foothills hospital, who took such good care of Denny and have been instrumental in his speedy recovery.”
More information can be found on Speed Skating Canada’s website: www.speedskating.ca.
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